Ye Shall Be As Gods
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PostSubject: Profiles   Tue 7 Sep - 22:13

Age: (Note that the age must be between 18 and 23 years for shadow users)
Race: (If your human and a Shadow Star User, Please indicate that you are a Shadow Star User as well here. Thank you)
Abilities: (If your have shadow star then keep abilties minimal, as you are only just understanding your capabilities, Keep it simple and later we can advance there power.)
Shadow Star Name: (Whats the Shadow Stars Name you can call it anything.)

(you can add or change this profile skeleton as you wish.)

Shadow Unit Users:
1.) Silvian Grey - Prode
2.) Jerron Silver - Kabal
3.) Jason Karver - Oardan
4.) Open
5.) Open
6.) Reserved

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Wed 8 Sep - 1:05

Name:jerron silver
Race: Human (Shadow Star User)
Abilities: Weilds ice abilities
Shadow Star Name: Kabal
Description: wears a duster coat and a cowboy hat short black hair dark blue eyes
Biography:(still in progress)

Race: Siirees
Abilities: cloaking, nano tech self repair and weapons fast reflexes ,travel form
Shadow Star Name:none
Description: 8ft tall humanoid android with a feline shaped head and has retractable arms under his main arms with built in scythe style blades attached and a built in thrusters and tanks on its back with nanites
Biography:though the body is machine its not a simple AI

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Wed 8 Sep - 2:00

Name: Silvian
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Shadow Star User)
Abilities: Has learned to manipulate basic computers with his mind.
Shadow Star Name: Prode
Description: (in progress)
Bio: (In Progress)
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Thu 4 Nov - 15:00

Name: Jason Karver
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human Shadow User
Abilities: Can control lightning, as well as read minds. He can also see through disquises.
Likes Clean buisness. A fair deal, not human girls. . . he finds them strange
dislikes Treachery, back stabbers. . . and Titirians
Shadow Star Name: Oardan
Description: A six foot tall man with short spikes black hair. His eyes are brown but hold a skeptical look about them, and he always if never wears a suit. He keeps a pistol tucked inside his coat pocket. Jason looks more cat-like do to his discovery of his powers
Biography: Jason 'used' to have everything. . . used to. He had been living the high life for five whole years. He held stocks all over the world, and had ran a major shipping company. He did not expect that one of his coworkers had been hiding behind his back, filing paper after paper of different diagnoses.
It happened one year ago, The slip of paper entered his house, and he was there by diagnosed with ADHD , and Schizophrenia! He was to relinquish his company into better hands, and who else to give it to but the person who he had trusted his whole life. The very Person who got him into this mess, though Jason would never find out.
It was also the time that the betrayer had started to 'milk' the company of it's money, and Jason had all of it. So every week, Jason had to give up something, and every week Cromwell got all of it. Jason had enough one day and finally disappeared off the face of the earth. . . or did he?

Jason didnt exactly dissapear. He was tracked and traced the moment he ran from the world, but not by humans. From the moment his mind started picking up thoughts, he was being watched. Messages would apear all around him. ones that saved his life countless times.((still working on it))

When he uses his powers, his eyes immidiatly go yellow. If used for an extended Period of time. His hair will go white.

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Sat 6 Nov - 0:33

Name: Gayle Faline
Age: 3000 = 30 in human
Gender: female
Race: Daemon - feline
Abilities: Water but is rarely to not used, she finds no need to use it. Not to mentioned never taught.
Shadow Star Name: none
Description: long redish brown hair that is pulled into a ponytail normally, brown eyes, black fur and silver whiskers. and is quite short acually for Daemon only standing 5'1". generally wears a long blue denim skirt, and light pink t-shirt, white socks with black slip on shoes.
Bio: Lived in a small town most of her life, but jobs now scarce in most places she moved to the city after her mother passed away. She managed to get through college and begin her freelance photography career, lives in fairly descent one bedroom appartment at northern part of Richmond, Va. And has a liking for human males for some strange reason, even though she was warned to be careful.

Moonrose-Magick = playstation network

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   Fri 19 Nov - 2:37

Name: Auw C. Winters
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Abilities: Manipulation of Electricity, to generate and discharge through conductive material and/or physical contact.
Shadow Star Name: None
Description: A tall young man with black short hair, brown eyes with a white undershirt, and black military pants with boots and tactical utility belt for military use along with a long black trench coat.
Biography: Auw who has came from another alternate universe, ended up on the current dimension by an unforeseen consequence in his own alternate universe, thus he appears in this new strange place, lost and unsure of this new environment. He seeks to return back to his own dimension but has no lead on doing so.

In his own alternate universe, Auw was born from a really strange family where he learned combat skills as a child, and well educated by tutors. He had a future, but lost it when his family, not only just his mother and father, but with the rest he was living with, 14 other family members had a large feud among themselves. The feud turned into a blood bath a few moments later. His grandfather who was the cruelest among the family, lead them all to their deaths, while their children are left behind.

They were soon gifted with powers by their grandfather, whom was a dark sorcerer. 7 children, each with different lethal abilitie. Afterwards he became an expert in hand to hand combat, excelling in physical attributes compared to the rest of his "Brothers" and "Sisters" an athlete if you will.

Afterwards, years later during a long bloody war, he defected his grandfather, and turned against him, but during a infiltration mission, he stumbled upon a Witch. Afterwards he could not remember what had happened ever since, other than knowing, he was sent to another different universe.
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles   

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