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 ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles

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PostSubject: ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles   Tue 20 Oct - 8:05

All porfiles should include the below:

Race: (Human, Werewolf, or Watcher)

You may if you wish add on to it, but that is the basic Information we would like to see. Note that you can only be one of those three races. Please Check Story Information for more details. Thank you.


RP: Darkest Blood
Name: Luna Silvermoon
Age: 19
Height: 5'4 in human form, 6'2 in were form
Weight: 135lbs in human form, 380lbs in were form
Race: werewolf
Hair Color: blue with light blue tips
Eye Color: green with yellow spirals
Gender: female
Human Form:
Were Form:
Fighting style:hand to hand and Kendo
Occupation:Student: Junior
Blood Type:AB Positive
Abilities:Human form: Telepathy and stealth
Were Form:Regeneration, super human strength, Rage, stealth
Weapon:a family heirloom Katana
Equipment:normal Kendo gear
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles   Thu 22 Oct - 1:27

RP: Darkest Blood
Name: Silvian
Age: 18
Job: Student Senior
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: Has dark brown hair and ice blue yes, pretty normal looking teen.
Bio: Is a senior but a new kid at the Ashfield High school.
(will add more too my profile later. Is all you need to know about me for now.)


RP: Darkest Blood
Name: Yugo
Age: 15
Job: Student Freshmen
Gender: Male
Race: Human I think O.o
Description: He has short jet black hair with ice blue eyes, he wears a pendant of some sort that he generally keeps hidden under his shirt, but is sometimes seen holding it in his hands. he wears a leather jacket with dark gray shirt underneath. He wears black jeans.
Bio: He is new to the school, his first year at high school, he is normally quiet, often thought shy. Not very much is known about him. Even though quiet he seems like a kind of person who can take care of him self.


RP: Darkest Blood
Name: Char
Age: 17
Job: Student Senior
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Description: She had long Dark Brown hair, and green eyes behind small thin glasses, and even has a few freckles. She generally wears blue jeans, and a baby blue t-shirt, and in her hair a light Silvery and blue bow.
Bio: She is funloving and often times goes though mood swings from being funny to dead serious and despite that she generally goof ball, she also knows how to take care of her self. Her best friends are Luna and Arashi, who she had been friends with since child hood days. She also knows of Luna and Arashi's secret of being a werewolf, and despite the fact that she is not a werewolf her self, she hold no fears of any werewolf, especially Luna and Arashi. She also Secretly crushes on Arashi that only Luna knows about. If things get tough, she always has her Best friends backs, just as she knows they have hers.

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles   Sat 31 Oct - 21:34

RP: Darkest Blood
Name:jerron silver
Desc:short black hair blue eyes 6'2 wears a dark blue shirt and black jeans and grey dustercoat carrys a sheathed kinfe around his neck
Bio:been stuck in this school since 9 grade and always felt a bad vibe about it
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles   Fri 7 Jan - 11:41

RP: Darkest Blood
Name: Jason Karver
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Desc: (still working))
Bio: Jason has been shunned all his life, his family hated him and sent out to a private school, unbeyance to them, it was there that he discovered hhis magical abilitys and that bein said, a gateway into the hidden world

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles   

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///The Darkest Blood/// --- Character Profiles
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