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 Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))

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PostSubject: Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))   Fri 19 Nov - 11:42


When the humans get an encrypted message warning them of a Dramorian scouting party they are forced to leave and hope to find another hideout, but much to their dismay they are captured and imprisoned at the prison in Dramoria. They must find a way to escape and stop the war.

~~ History of earth~~

There have been many wars in the bloody history of the Humans. War over land. War over religion and war over Love. It is a simple argument gone wrong, always it is that. Earth had enjoyed a small span of peace after world war III in 2038. . . But that peace would only last them for ten years, for in there peaceful homes a race of sentient beings attacked. Clad in armor of black and blue they descended opan the humans like a rain that never ended. Now it is 2048 of the fall of humans . . . and the humans are now an endangered species.

Humans are dwindling in numbers, now considered an endangered species; they hide in hopes that the Dramorians will not find them. Those who are taken are never seen from again, and they are not starting to lose hope.
dramorians are an animal humanoid race. They saw that the humans where killing of earth and had decided that now was a time for action. Even though it is obvious that human numbers or on an all time low, they still attack. Some Dramorians fight against the war and have joined sides with the humans.
Demi Humans are the offspring of a Dramorian and a Human. Often shunned and Hunted, Demi-Humans have been on the run way before the initial war started. Demi-Humans Learn quickly and have developed a keen since of survival.
Yuki-Maru: Energy like spirits who have attached themselves to humans in order to gain a physical foothold on the primal world (Earth) there power is severly limited because of the body that they posses but they are still creatures not to be messed with. ((They have the ability of mass regeneration.))

Arconids: Bug people who like to establish colonies by spreading around a noxious gas and an Infection skin all around the area. They are a very primitive race, but through the recent years some have gained a scence of being and have dis-established themselves from there own society.

Mutants: Taller and Stronger than any other race, but have lost the ability to reason and think, they wander in packs, killing anything they see. They are the bruts and killers of earth. Some have gained a slight ability to reason, becoming more of an assite to the humans. . . rather than a menace.

Speritids: Super Fanatical race who think Humans are Gods and Dramorans are the Devil, they serve the humans as worms.

Mutant Animals: Have gained more ability to think, even making a primitive language, they think the Dramora are the fore-fathers of themselves and serve them as worms

Ethereal: Pure energy with a collective conscience, only establishing their own personality when bonded to another, and can use the ether to their will.

Character Classes-((will update with more classes as soon as I can think of them =3))

Arcana Wielder- Arcana wielders are those who can summon an Arcana soul ((a powerful spirit that is considered a guardian)) and use there abilities. Master arcane Wielders can meld with their Arcana soul to create the perfect Wielder.

Spirit Techs- Spirit Techs can use the power of their spirit to hack into security and disable mechs from afar. Their minds can meld with those of computers and there eye color tends to change. Spirit Techs can also manipulate those with Mind implants.
Master Techs can reanimate machinery around them creating a golem of substantial size.
Spirit Marine-
Spirit Marines are the perfect combat warrior. They can use a variety of weapons, as well as alter the spirits of others. Spirit Marines can focus their spirit through there weapon increasing the after damage of it. Spirit Marines can also create a barrier around him/her and their allies.
Master Marine can create a spirit Golemn from behind them and can use them to get to higher places as well as inflict sever damage, arcane wise.
Spirit Thief-
A spirit Thief can steal spirit energy from those afar and share it with his friends, allies and even himself. Spirit thief’s can heal minor to major damage ((depends on the character)) and they can store that energy for mouths. Unlike other classes a spirit thief can alter the shadows around him and can go completely invisible without the aid of a cameo unit.
Master Spirit thief’s can force Armies into death, and can use the shadows as a means of teleportation. . . and a lethal weapon. Spirit thief’s once masters can summon there shadow Spirit and use them alongside in combat.

Spirit Weaver: Has Psycho-kinesis powers, able to control the surrondings and use them to their advantage, when mastered, the Spirit Weaver can 'Move' things of extraordinary size, and is able to teleport things a short distance.

Psykers: Uses spirit energy to Destroy' the minds of foes and enslave them to their will. At a mastery level, they don't have to focus their power at all to destroy things, but have to to stop everyone around themselves from having there mind destroyed to the Psyker's dismay or delight.

and, Finally

Ethermancer: Can set ANYTHING back to basic atoms, and can summon anything out of the ether, and can only be used by an Ethereal or someone who has an Ethereal spirit haunting them. They are limited by the physical ability that they haunt.

-Important Places-
D.C alliance base- The D.C alliance Base it the only place in the world that has a human army. Unknown to the Dramorian threat. Dramorian rebels have allied themselves With The D.C.A.B and have given them weapons in return for a place to stay. The army Consists of both Human and Dramorian fighters.
Dramoria is the capital of the Dramorians. Only six hundred miles from the hidden Base of the D.C.A.B it is the homeland of the Dramorians as well as a living hell for any human captive.
Fort Carth-
a deserted outpost now turned refuge site, it was one of the bases that held information on all of the refuges . . . it was also one of the first attacked,
Fort Moth-
This fort holds connections with the D.C.A.B and is attacked after getting an encrypted message from fort Carth. The message was a fake created by the Dramorians to capture endangered humans.
The underworld is a passage of sewer tunnels that run below D.C it connects D.C.A.B with the outside world. It is under heavy security and holds most of the escaped humans. This place is also a market place in weapons and armor, and the humans spend there free time creating such for the army.
Cadacar Manor-
it belongs to a group of Dramorian smuggeling units. It is positioned thirty miles from Dramoria and takes it’s spare time in smuggeling humans to the D.C.A.B
Space Station Armalla Zeir Tyerreie: A crashed alien Space Station surrounded by dark purple energy, which sometimes has 'faces' in it, and anyone who tries to go into the energy disolves. Located on the Outskirts of Old D.C. This place is avoided by all Dramorians and humans alike.

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Raider HQ, they wear modified football gear and sports weapons they salvage, they'll attack anything that moves.

New York City: Largest Bastion of survivors that aren't D.C.A.B there is, and are overtly hostile to anyone who comes near.

Piedmont VA: War torn hellhole, what was once filled with greenery is now a dead deserted desert v, stripped of anything that once lived. This place is rumored to house the Arconid race.

~~The Great Prophecy!~~

The Great Prophecy is one that all Dramorians fear. The great Prophecy tells of Spirit Warriors, those who can access the powers of there Persona and use them as deadly weapons to end the war between the Humans and the Dramorians.


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Posts : 527
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PostSubject: Re: Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))   Fri 19 Nov - 14:50

~~Much of what the world was is no more! You are weak! You are worms! But with the right training You will be transformed into a killing machine! Do Not Hesetat! Do not flinch! Do eather of this and I will kill you myself!!~~ Audio recording of Sargent Major Karver Berating new recruits.--The characters must have spent at least two years in training—
--weopons are energy based, if you have a weopon you think is to godly please send me a PM--
~~Any Race can be a chosen~~
Chosen Character Sheets
Years of Training
special Power ((not pertaining to the class))
Apearance. ((can use a picture or a a written description))

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~

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Posts : 527
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))   Fri 19 Nov - 15:08

Name. Tristian Karver
Race. Human
Class. Spirit Marine.
Years of Training. Six years.
Rank Sargent Major
Armor. Blue D.C.A.P battle armor
weapon's. One laser rifle, two laser pistols, one Laser cannon, and four plasma grenades.
special Power Tristian can read the minds of those he touches. Tristian cannot be lied to.
skills. Tracking, Dramorian language, hacking, survival.
Apearance. ((will get one soon.))
Likes Tristian likes the taste of fear, he lives for the battle and bathes in his own adrenaline. He is someone you do not want to face on the battle field.
Dislikes Cowards, traitors.
Bio Tristian grew up whenever the world was peacefull. He had a family and two kides. Then the war started and his whole life was turned upside down. Tristian lost his whole family in the bombing of Colorado. Destraut and angered he focused on the enemy. Killing them without cause was his business. Whenever Dramorian Rebels started showing up Tristian wanted to kill them, he hated them with such a known passion and was outraged to find out that D.C.A.P allowed them. Tristian would throw that rage away one day and would decide that his real enemy was not the rebels.

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~
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PostSubject: Re: Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))   

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Fall of Humans (( Work In progress))
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