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 Picture Theory

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PostSubject: Picture Theory   Wed 24 Nov - 5:17

Ever wonder in a artistic side of things you stare at a any painting long enough looking real closely you find something even more than it meets the eye? That it is not suppose to be there when the artist created it..

Like this for example:

..Not sure it is a good example or not but why would a snake appear there?

Then, here is my pic I created Photoshop 7, this is a old pic using this "Bliss" method that I call it.. I can make a tutorial instructions on using the method, since the method itself is very unique every time the it is used with all its different shapes and object you might find.. but this pic in particular..

There is definitely a face faded into the picture from the center start looking down the picture closely and you can't miss it.. It just happen to be there when made this picture, I think it was neat.. well.. and come to think of it trying to remember.. I made this picture on the same day one of my friends past away in a accident.. ..So I am not sure this topic should be here or in the Department of Spirit..

Well.. have a look and see what you all think
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PostSubject: Re: Picture Theory   Tue 30 Nov - 11:09

That is interesting. Hmmm. And as for you question of which section this should fall under, I think here is fine. Some Topics may be Cross Department which again is fine where ever you post it as long as it relates to the topic. Like this would have no place in psychic department or Cryptozoology. So it makes sense that it would fall here or Spirit.
Again yeah that is interesting, do you think it relates to a spirit of some one?
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Picture Theory
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