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 A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )

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PostSubject: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   Sun 28 Nov - 0:10

It takes place in a small town, mostly furries and a few humans. Set in the mid 1800's, bout the spring of 1852 to be exact on when it start. Crystal Reanna Kitten is the daughter of a widowed rancher. And is an only child, which doesn't help much with running the ranch with her widowed mother. Who had to hire ranch at least three ranch hands witch is all they could afford. Ms. Anna Kitten (her mother) has her eye set on a wealthy banker for her daughter to marry but Crystal has other ideas in mind, of course it don't help that Crystal is somewhat a spencer cause she has never really been interested in marrying until she laid eyes on one of the ranch hands. And little did they know that this banker was and is cruel to any and all females. A tall dark canine furry that hadn't had a fondness of felines but being as there wasnt many friendly furries in this small town that he arrived in about 6moths ago. He stuck it out, and was more than glad for the work even with little pay. And the story starts bout 5 months after at least two of the ranch hands had started there, under the eye of one that had been there for about 10 years or so, which Anna has been slowly growning fond of. And it goes from there. (it's not much but thought it'd be fun to play out)

You may add or edit as you see fit to your profile. This story is just really just to have some fun with and see where it goes. As for rules, normal rules: respect others, no godmodding, and no one liners. Other than that just have fun.
Go ahead and post a profile here, and i'll start another thread starting the rp. Don't forget there is only 3 ranch hands one up in his years and has been there for about 10 yrs and the other younger have only been there for 5-6 months.

elder ranch hand: open
younger ranch hand: JerronSivlersun
younger ranch hand: zrgal
banker Henry Miller a fox-anthro(one of main villian): n/a

Occupation: (remember the time period that this is in)

thanks to Sil and Jerron for insperation and courage to post this -smiles-

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   Sun 28 Nov - 0:18

Name: Crystal Kitten
age: 25
gender: female
race: anthro - calico but with more black and white feline
occupation:  daughter, homemaker and occasional hand with the ranch
apperance:  wears different color of dresses but mostly to work around the house and land in.  she has reddish brown hair that is typically braided and wears a bonet when going into town and brown eyes.

personality:  can be generally mild tempered but.... also her temper can be out hand, and she'll speak outa line.

bio/history:  Was raised as an only child, and taught not only to do housework in which she really didn't care for much as a child.  But also to help out around the land too, seeing as her mother was unable to have any more children after her, so there where no sons to help out, and rarely enough money to hire anyone.  On occasion did have some help, Crystal watched learning some things, along with going to school for a short time as a child and hated it.  But enjoyed at least a couple of friends she made there, Lilly a skunk anthro and Julie a rabbit anthro.

Names:  Anna Kitten
Age:  57
Gender:  female
race:  anthro - calico feline
Occupation:  mother, homemaker and widow of a rancher
Apperance:  wears dresses of that time, mostly browns or tan colored at times others.  her hair is light brown slowly turning to silver and most of the time pulled back, brown eyes and generally like her daughter wears a bonet when going into town.
Personality:  She is friendly, caring and protective of her only daughter and can be stubborn as her daughter is.  Also will lend a helping hand/paw to those in need of a place to stay all that she asks in return is that they possibly help out for their keep.
Bio/History: Anna married young but had difficulties having children and was thrilled when her daughter Crystal was born.  Though her husband had hoped for a son, they raised her to do what was needed.  Coming from a somewhat large family herself she was accually thankful to have a small one.  Her husband of so many years had passed away just 5 years before the story takes place.  And it has been her, her daughter and the one ranch hand until lately.

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   Sun 28 Nov - 1:31

Name:Jerron Silvermane
race:Wolf anthro
Occupation: ranchhand
Aperance:silver colored eyes his bodys covred with black fur with silver tips
Personality:a hard worker isnt satisfied until his task is done hes usally very kind but when rubbed the wrong way can be a terror himself when hes done working he loves hunting and resting on a pleasant day

Bio/History:Jerron came from a small family of hunters when his father discovred gold they made a goldmine and began hireing to work it jerron didnt wish to stay with the others and set out to make his own mark in the world and found himself working on a ranch
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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   Mon 29 Nov - 0:44

Name: Silvian Grey
Age: 24
Gender: Male
race: Leopard
Occupation: Lonely Traveler, Mysteriously is allot richer the he appears.
Appearance: He is a Leopard, yellow fur which brown rings all over his body, and a white patch of fur on his chest and underbelly. He wears a long black coat, and carries a gun with him always.
Personality: Looks Cold, but is really kind hearted and gentle souled
Bio/History: He may not look it, but he is Rich, as to why or what he does to have the kind of gold he has is a mystery. Meeting him he seems rather tough and cold, but he really is gentle and nice, but he also seems to be running away or looking for something. For some reason he is drawn to the small town, where he goes to check it out. The gun he carries was his mothers at one time, and she had taught him since a child how to hold and fire one. As for any info or details on his mother, family, what he does, and why he is now in this small town, he chooses not to say, but it would seem that he seeks to have a new life and keep the past buried.

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   Mon 29 Nov - 15:38

Name: Luke River
Age: 18
Gender: male
race: Fox Anthro
Occupation: Ranch Hand ((In spare time He draws and shoots))
Aperance: Luke is a silver fox with light blue markings and black tips.
Personality: Luke is very outgoing and tries to be funny and commical. He is very dedicated to his work and can do mostly anything at the farm. Luke knows how to use guns thanks to his previous occupation, and has been doing odd jobs to fix his silver revolver

Luke was orphaned at a younge age and spent most of his life at a orphanage. Luke was adopted at the age of six by a famous bounty hunter know as Rick River. Rick’s hunting days where over and he had no one to give his knowledge to. . . exept for a rather fortunat Luke.

Luke learned how to fight and shoot. . . and soon began to take up his ‘fathers’ job. That is till one day his target got the better of him with a thick blow to the head. Luke was robbed, his dad was dead. . . and the only line of work left. . . was the ranch. He was picked up there, half dead and they took him in. He didnt have any money to give them, so he repays them by doing most of the labor around the farm, this keeping him well in good shape. He does odd jobs around the town, trying to repair the only meomery of his "father" The silver revolver

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PostSubject: Re: A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )   

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A Dangerous Romance (profiles =^.^= )
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