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 Furry Stories!

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PostSubject: Furry Stories!   Wed 1 Dec - 4:24

So what made you go Fur?
Ever go to any Fur Events?
Got any stories you would like to Shara Fur related!?

Post them here! *nods*
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PostSubject: Re: Furry Stories!   Wed 9 Feb - 23:02

I went furry after my best friend saw traits of a fur in me.. after that.. I had a struggle for quite a while about being a furry... things suck as the persecution, whether or not I was actually "myself" by taking on a fursona.. it wasn't until recently that I began to show my full furriness.. I chose my fursona after thinking about what creature I related to the most... and I reached the decision of a cat.
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PostSubject: Re: Furry Stories!   Thu 30 Jun - 0:09

i was in AZ going to school in 05/06 when I came by a site that talked about furries. i looked more into it. me being a furry is natural because I use to see myself as a were-creature of some sort. so being a furry is great for me. took me a few months to find my furry self but I did. i desided on a hybreed called a dronix. went from a white kitsune then added a little dragon then added pheonix. but it is either the full dronix form or white jester kitsune.
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PostSubject: Re: Furry Stories!   Tue 18 Feb - 9:55

I'm not sure really how long I've been a fur, but slowly discovered it after I was in my first marriage.  And now, although I keep it from some people I am proud to be one.  My mother at times will admit to being a furry as well, not sure if she really understands it but I'm happy that she does.  Have always felt more connected with cats than any other furs out there.  When I was younger at least twice a kitty followed me home, funny thing the first one to follow me was pregnant.  Mom let us keep her anyways and the kittens also for a time.  The second time was a beautiful white kitten with a calico like crown and named her Princess.  And now I feel content with being a feline and being surrounded by felines, except my love which is a sixteen point buck.

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PostSubject: Re: Furry Stories!   

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Furry Stories!
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