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 Wolves of the Wind// RP

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PostSubject: Wolves of the Wind// RP   Fri 24 Dec - 3:28

A white wolf ran through the woods, pure as white and as fast as wind. She ran for her life, with a young pup in her mouth. Something terrible and horrible chased after her in the woods. She needed to find the den. The one protected by the moon light, that sat upon a cliff. It was the only hope for her pup. A black wolf suddenly stood in front of her blocking her path. "Where do you think you are going Rose? There is no place to hide.." Another black wolf appeared behind the first, and then another, and another. "Gryph.. You will not get my pup..." Rose said backing away slowly but was stopped by another one of Gryph's wolves behind her. "I don't want your pup... I want you to come back with us.. Where you belong..." "My heart belongs to Dash... Not you... It will never belong to you." She growled. "This pup of yours.. its Dash's pup... isn't he... I'll spare your life if you just come back with us and abandon that pup..."

Rose sat the pup down and approached Gryph. The pup whimpered and crawled around for its mother. "You're right Gryph..." She started licking Gryphs face and tried to show affection, and then bit into his neck. "You want to live you will call back your wolves..." Rose threatened, closing her jaws slightly tighter. "Back away... You heard her..." Gryph ordered and growled. The other wolves bowed their heads and backed up, at the same time giving her a evil glance. Rose let go of his neck and bit him in the chest, grabbed her pup and took off past the wolves and entered the Human Zone. "Damn you Rose... You could have came back... You will never survive the Human Zone!"

Rose ran across human streets, dodging Vehicles with four wheels made by man, and ran through small pathways that were in between human made structures that were human dens. finally she made it electrified fence and just beyond it was a long field which sat a single human den and a few strange structures that house animals. She remembered that it was called a farm. She dug underneath the fence and ran past cows, horses, and many delicious looking chickens. She just needed to cross the field to get to the woods , it was just beyond the woods were she would seek sanctuary at Lunar Sanctum. It was a mountain that was enchanted by wolven magic, and protected the Lunar valley. Her lover waited there.

Suddenly gun fire could be heard, and bullets just missed her. A few humans were chasing after, she had became the hunted. "You damn wolf! Ill get you, and ill have your head on my wall!" More gun fire could be heard and more yelling came from the humans that were after her and her pup.

She made it to the woods but that didn't stop the hunters, she was almost to her sanctuary, and suddenly she felt a fire burst inside her and she fell to the ground. "No.. I cant... fail you my son..." She got up again and tried to run, but blood spilled everywhere she ran. Another bullet had hit her from her side and she whimpered in great pain and tried to run, but she could barely move. She collapsed by the river and she didn't know what to do. The humans were now close to her, she had to think quick.

She crawled into the river and the river swept her away with the pup in her mouth. By the time she made it to shore she became stiff, the pup still in her teeth. The pup crawled out from her teeth and whimpered and tried to nudge her mother awake. "Please wake up mommy." She didn't move, and she didn't breath. It wasn't long after another wolf appeared and saw the pup and its mother. He whimpered and came closer recognized the body and nudged her. He licked her face and then looked at the pup. He was Dash, the one Rose was trying to get to. The father of the pup. "Why wont mommy wake up?" The pup whined as Dash picked him up.

"I'm sorry.. I am so so sorry..." Dash took off with the pup, to home... the Sanctuary were the pup would grow up and become a leader.... A leader named Yugo... who will lead the Wolves of the Wind!
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PostSubject: Re: Wolves of the Wind// RP   Thu 8 Aug - 16:19

On top of a cliff not far from the Sanctuary, a single wolf sat and watched. He said not a word as the events below transpired. When it was all done he stood and walked towards the cave that he and his mate called home. The wind blew at the feathers and bones that had been carefully tied into his fur, making a song of clatters and light whistles. As he bowed his head and entered the cave, a small bark could be heard as his pup dashed into  his paws. "Father, what did you -see-? Mother says that you went out to -watch- for the next alpha."

Behind the pup a grey wolf walked and put her paws around the young child. "Hush young one. Your father will tell you all about it later. For now we must finish the paints for our alpha's warriors. You remember the colors that each need?" "Mysticsnow needs purple as she is the War shaman of the group. Risingflames needs blue, as he is the group's Beta. Littlefeather needs yellow as he is the newcomer and needs to be proven. And... Nightwalker needs..... um...." "Nightwalker needs green as it is his duty to scout out the land for the group, and needs the added endurance. Very well done."

Hours later as the small pup only known as 'young one' till after her naming day slept her parents walked outside and -listened-. The two were the packs lead Shamans and it was their duty to advise the alpha on that which only the spirits know. They were silent for a while until the female spoke. "...You saw it too didn't you, Fallensnow?" He nodded and looked to the wind. "...Yes. There is a great shadow around the pup destined to be alpha. It is on it's way now, however there is a chance we can slow it down. In two days I will go towards my death as we knew would happen... You must teach our child the ways of our kind, and hurry. The pup will need his shaman. However, since we do have a night to ourselves, Nightwind, lets spend it to the fullest. For tomorrow I must prepare."

--------------------------------- A few years later -------------------------------------------

The woods seemed unnaturally quiet as a lone wolf gathered herbs  and stones. She carefully put them in the small packs made of woven grasses and leaves that were tied to her back with vines, keeping everything neatly organized. The dark brown and green of the packs easily contrasted against her dark fur and even the bones and feathers tied into the longest patches. She moved silently and was very careful to not disturb anything during her search. Soon she found the last herb that she was looking for and smiled. "Wormwood for Nightbane's cough. This should work nicely."

Soon as she spoke however, an acorn landed right next to her. "Chi-chi... Name yourself, Wolfy-wolf." The chittering noise of many squirrels could be heard from the trees above even as one of them spoke, however none could be seen.

"I am Shadowpaws, Shaman of the Pack, Speaker for the spirits. I come to your land in peace."

A large fat squirrel with an acorn tied to a stick walked foward. "I am chikky-chikky-chik, Ruler of the eastwood squirrel clan. State your reason for being here, chi-chi..."

"I am here to gather herbs for my pack."

The squirrel ruler looked towards his clan and called forth one of them. "Does this wolfy-wolf speak true?" The squirrel nodded. "This one did not see the wolfy-wolf do anything bad-bad. Did not uncover acorn hidy-spots or eat slow-ones. Only picked up plants and rocks."

Shadowpaw almost rolled her eyes. She had dealt with squirrel clans often over the years, and even had good trade agreements with some of them, like how she got the very packs on her back. However, each new clan that popped up had a new leader and new rules to obey and promises to make. She hoped that this one would be easy to deal with.

The squirrel ruler looked back at the wolf and chittered unintelligibly for a moment before nodding his head. "You good wolfy-wolf.  Allowed to come get herbs, if make promise-promise. No eating Chikky-Chikky clan Squirrels. Deal-deal?" "I will not eat your clan, but my pack I can not make a promise for. Deal?" "Deal!"

Hours later Shadowpaws was back in her cave with even more herbs than she had set out to get. The squirrels had been very kind to their new 'pet' wolfy-wolf. Shadowpaws didn't mind. It meant she wouldn't have to go hunting for more for a while longer. Laying down for a well deserved nap, she started dreaming of her next tasks and listening for the dreamwalks of the spirits. "All will be well for a while longer.."
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Wolves of the Wind// RP
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