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 ///Online Ice Phoenix/// --- Archive/Story information (Read First Please)

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PostSubject: ///Online Ice Phoenix/// --- Archive/Story information (Read First Please)   Wed 21 Oct - 1:37

Story Summary:
In Ice phoenix i have two separate RPs set up for it, The Real World and the Virtual World. World Crisis is the Real World Rp, and the Data Bug is the Virtual world Rp. Something happens were exactly midnight the entire world suffered from something called the Dead Lights. Every Computer, monitor, and screen, flashed and any one who stared at it directly had fallen into a coma. This is the events of the World Crisis. Government steps in and decides to activate something called the ice Phoenix. A super Computer, designed to remap the brain in hopes to wake a coma victim up, only with the crisis, they designed several pods, able to hold thousands of people. All around the world, the coma victims are placed in a pod and placed in frozen sleep, sorta speak, but there minds connected to the Ice Phoenix. As the government attempts to find a means to awaken the coma victims, and investigate the cause of the dead lights, inside the machine the ice phoenix creates a virtual environment were all comas people wake up inside, but instead of being inside there own bodies they are in a virtual body or a AI... Unaware of what has happened to them and traumatized by the identity crisis, as they do not appear as them selves. They don't realize right away they are in a virtual world. This virtual is not only made up people who were connected to the ice phoenix but there are actual AIs with there own capabilities of speech and self consciousness.

In the real world, the government does not realize that there is even a existence of a virtual world. In fact there is yet another mystery behind the Ice Phoenix. Its origins. The government had not created the machine and the machines creator was supposedly killed, who according to news reports, had went insane. So the government knows very little about the Ice Phoenix, and the ice phoenix is full of many secrets and black box programs.

Int he virtual world there is something called the Zero Bug, that deletes things that it touches.. if it touches a AI it takes the AIs consciousness away and they go into a virtual Coma... but if a Person who came from the real world who is in a AIs body (basically we are possessing a AIs body.. while we exist in the virtual world the AI we posses conciseness is dormant) the persons consciousness is taken away and the AIs conciseness takes over again.

In the Real World.. There is a entity roaming around computers and electronic devices, rewiring things, and finding ways to materialize into a physical form, causing even more chaos.

Overall, the government starts to suspect a connection between the Dead Lights and the Strange Entity.. and clues that suggest that these events are linked to the Ice Phoenix.

The Archive:
News Reports are in RED, Top Secret Reports are in GREEN, Lost Server Information is in BLUE, and Updated Information is in GOLD.

Report One:
A Meteor Hit:
News Report One:Breaking news, A meteor hit the Earth and there was no sign of it coming. It had reach incredible speed in space and it entered through the atmosphere as if it was nothing. The whole town of Argus had been totally wiped out and any near by city with it. The government has taken mediate action into investigating the meteor to determine point of origin. We have yet to know more about the expense of the damage and the seriousness of the situation.

Report Two:
Dead Lights:
News Report Two: This just in, It has been confirmed reports all over the world of people going into a comatose. The situation gets stranger then that. Exactly the same time as the Meteor hit last night all TV's, Computer Monitors, and any image projecting device started flashing strange lights and all the cases report that all the victims have been staring directly at these objects when they became comatose victims. The government has explained that they are taking all necessary actions to fix the situation. We strongly urge you to keep all TV, Computer monitors, and any image projecting device off until we can figure out the cause of this strange phenomenon. People around the world are calling these lights dead lights.

Report Three:
Project Ice Phoenix:
News Report Three: Scientists and government have made a connection that these dead lights are definitely linked to the meteor. There is reason to believe that the meteor may not be a meteor and in fact could be something otherworldly. They have taken all coma victims and the unknown meteor object and transferred them to a government facility in Arizona. They are calling this Project Ice phoenix in hopes to help these victims recover.

Report Four:
TOP SECRET: Project Ice Phoenix:
Top Secret Log One: Project Ice phoenix is about a device that is called the Ice phoenix. It is a super computer developed to be able to create a artificial Nero-network in hopes to rewire the brain of the coma victims and to hopefully wake them up. How it works is all coma victims are placed in Cryochambers and placed into a frozen artificial sleep. Mean while the coma victims brains are connected to the super computer thus giving it the name Ice Phoenix. Theory suggests that because when a person loses there ability to see there brain is able to rewire and make other senses stronger to make up for it. So if the brain is capable of rewiring then why not use special computer that can help rewire the brain so people can awake from a comatose. The supercomputer is actually a inaccurate name, it should be called a brain or a super brain due to its ability to make artificial neuropaths used to help rewire the brain. Although this computer has never been tested, scientists have chose to use it to not only help the victims but to also research.

Report Five:
The Unknown World:
Unknown Log One: There is a world constructed of Nero-networks called the lost server. Within this world in this network are consciousnesses of the coma victims. It is a virtual world that is made up of several time periods, past, present, and future. It is made by the Ice Phoenix and the scientists are not aware of this world. Scientists are trying to do what they can to understand the situation, while those connected to this machine end up in this virtual world. Not all people in this world are coma victims; many are AI's with artificial consciousness. So it may be hard to tell those that are coma victims from those that are AI.

Report Six:
Awakening in a New World:
Unknown Log Two: The very first thing that is heard when some one awakes in the virtual world is a female voice saying "Soon she will be awake, and all will realize the truth." It may seem very surprising and very traumatizing at first, but often these people wake up unsure of were they are and what is going on and sometimes are shocked when they discover that they are not them selves. All people awake in this world realize that they have taken on a different appearance. Some realize they have animal characteristics, some realize they are not human at all, while others realize that they simply do not have there normal body. It varies in this world. On there right hand is a bar code and what it means is unknown accept all barcodes are different. All people in this world not only may experience a identity crisis but realize they also have unexplained abilities and or powers. These people that wake up here in this world are called "Wakers". What is discovered that these bodies that the wakers are in are in fact AI bodies, and each AI has its own name and consciousness but while a waker is in the body the AI's consciousness becomes asleep. Sometimes in times of need both the AI and the wakers consciousness merge and become capable of using great powers, abilities, ect, as long as the two consciousness are merged.

Report Seven:
Zero Bug:
unknown Log Three: Something strange is going on in this world. A entity called the Zero Bug has appeared in this world. It is a giant ball made up of all 0's surrounded by a fractal pattern, and everything that it touches suddenly disappears and anything that is alive that it touches in this world goes into a virtual coma because there consciousness are zapped away by the zero bug. But if a Waker was to get there consciousness taken away then there bodies AI's consciousness awakes because the wakers consciousness is gone.

Report Eight:
TOP SECRET: Vaccine Alpha 001:
Top Secret Log Two: This was a Vaccine Program designed by Sheryl Sapher, a Scientist assigned to the Ice Phoenix Project. The Program was meant to use a copy of certain Nero pathways that was supposed try to reconstruct them in the coma victims brains. It was only a attempt but the Ice phoenix terminated the program.
Meanwhile in the Lost Server world, a stream was created in the sky and out came a three headed dragon creature. It was attacked by a Zero bug and it vanished. The Dragon was the Vaccine Program in which was terminated.

Report Nine:
Classified Info One: Five years ago in the Town of Argus a man named Dr.Muzuka, created a machine called the Ice Phoenix. He had two other associates that worked on this project. He went mad and he bombed a apartment complex killing almost thirty of its residence including him self with it. The government intervened and took away the Ice Phoenix, the other two associates vanished, one was found dead and the other still missing.

The Ice Phoenix has potential to saves the lives of Coma victems, but it containes many mysterius black box programs. Some Goverment Scintests wonder what realy is going on when a Coma victim is attached to the machine?

Report Ten:
File Update I: Characters to remember
Garu: He is a half tiger and half human AI.

Sheryl Sapher: She is one of the scientist that was assigned to the ice phoenix project. She wants very badly to wake the coma victims up. She has lost her whole family in a tragic accident eight years ago and now fights to rescue lives.

Robert Valentine: A mysterious man with very high ranking authority in the government. There is knowledge and secrets he knows of about the ice phoenix that he keeps to him self. What roll this character plays will be determined in near future.

Dr.Muzuka: The man who created the Ice Phoenix and murdered many people in a bombing in Argus 5 years before the Dead Lights Crisis, he soon after committed suicide.

Sirus Freeman: He is the other man who helped work on the Ice phoenix before the government took it away. Shortly after Dr.Muzaka when Mad and killed him self along with many other people, he vanished with out a trace. He is the only one that knows the secrets that the ice phoenix holds.
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///Online Ice Phoenix/// --- Archive/Story information (Read First Please)
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