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 ///Online Ice Phoenix - World Crisis/// --- Roleplay (The Real World)

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PostSubject: ///Online Ice Phoenix - World Crisis/// --- Roleplay (The Real World)   Wed 21 Oct - 1:50

Online Ice Phoenix - World Crisis
"Soon she will be awake, and all will realize the truth."
Rp made by: Silvian


Roleplay Quick Description:
A meteor hits at the stroke of midnight and the whole world becomes effected by something called the Dead Lights. All image projecting device flashes strange lights and all those who see the lights fall into a coma. A government experiment called the Project Ice Phoenix tries use the machine the Ice Phoenix to try to Help wake up Coma Victims. Thing start getting out of control when world technology turns against us.
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PostSubject: Re: ///Online Ice Phoenix - World Crisis/// --- Roleplay (The Real World)   Mon 25 Jan - 0:31

Up upon the rooftops of a city a chase was going on. A group of twenty men were running after one girl, who was barely five feet ahead of them. No one used any guns for fear of alerting the people below, but several of the men were cut up with what must have been knives, and one was holding his shoulder as if to keep from bleeding out too much. The girl however, was untouched. But she was starting to breath heavily, and her muscles were tightening up.
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///Online Ice Phoenix - World Crisis/// --- Roleplay (The Real World)
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