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 Profiles Here!

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PostSubject: Profiles Here!   Sun 8 Jan - 3:15

You can be any race you wish within reason, if you have questions feel free to ask me.

Simple character Sheet template


(You may add more to this, feel free to make a huge well descriptive profile if you like.)
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PostSubject: Re: Profiles Here!   Wed 30 May - 11:16

Name: King Argus Revask
Age: thirty two
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Powers/Abilities/Skills: The powers over light. Long Sword and bastard sword. However much like the Deamons he can summon a golemn, granted however by his patrion the Moon Goddes.
Description: Argus is ussualy seen wearing a suit of heavy plate armor with the symbol of a dragon curling around a sword
Bio: King Argus of the western Skies. He roles those lands and governs there as there king, however when he sent a convoy out, to investigate the eastern borders , he became worried of a cult of dark being who worshipped the gryphon of darkness. He then set out by himself to investigate this matter, leaving his look alike on the throne

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles Here!   Fri 22 Mar - 13:00

Name: Nanishi Nightwing
Age: 31 (young for and elf)
Gender: Female (of course xD)
Race: Northern Elven
Powers/Abilities/Skills: Power of Healing. Uses a short bow with titanium tipped arrows, and a long birch staff as a back up weapon. She looks to the Earth Goddess Gaia.
Description: Fairish skin, a bit short in hight also with hair that is white and usually pulled into a braid. Eyes are greenish brown as the forest. Wearing a white and greyish fur lined outfit, sometimes in a skirt, other times in pants. Also has a cloak that matches. Carries a sachel of herbs and bandages.
Bio: Born in a peaceful village to the north, to two loving parents. There she learned her ability for healing, at least the first steps down the path of being a healer. She started out on her journey when she was around age of 15, been on her own for now 16 years.

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles Here!   

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Profiles Here!
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