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 Paranormal Witness (SYFY SERIES)

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PostSubject: Paranormal Witness (SYFY SERIES)   Tue 31 Jan - 20:56

Has any one watched any of the episodes when it was on?

I found the episode where there was a family witnessing poltergeist phenomenon and the mother decided to give a peace offering the entity in the house to tell the entity that they dont want to trouble and mean it no harm. The peace offering was a cat statue. The father found out and thought that doing a peace offering like that was like worshiping the devil, so he through the cat statue, and it reappeared, and then he smashed it, angering the entity that then later terrorized the family. I thought that episode was interesting, especially when the family decided to move out, and then it turned out every one in the entire block was moving out, and to this day the block is vacant, according to the show. I am curious to know which block that is and where it was, and would be curious to know if any of the phenomenon was still occurring and why.
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Paranormal Witness (SYFY SERIES)
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