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 Today's Furs

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PostSubject: Today's Furs   Sun 19 Aug - 15:56

Just kind of a random RP, that I thought would be interesting, nothing really as a story plot, but a look at us all today as furs. And our lives, add a bit of fantasy in with it, just use our imanginations and what we know. That's what makes a great story.

A decent aged female feline, a tame white tigress to be exact. Out on a walk in her town, just out thinking bout life and enjoying the nice breeze blowing about. She takes a look around her noticing the changes in air and trees, as autumn slowly aproaches. Although her thoughts take her to places she'd rather not visit, she continues to walk. Nodding at times to some that she comes accross, and smiles. She finally ends up at the local park, and takes a seat on one of the swings. The park being quiet as it usually is during the day, all except the birds and some loud insects. Those of which she was purrfectly alright with, she loves listing to the sounds of nature. Looking up at the clouds, as she leans back on the swing she closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath, taking in the scents around her. Smiling more as she picked up a nice familiar scent close by, slowly opening her eyes, to see her mate standing by the swingset smiling as he watched her.
They both had a lot on their minds, as they awaited a soon to come doctor's appointment to confirm what they were hoping for. But also waitng to hear something from jobs places where they'd applied to. The ecconomy had in recent years been decling, this year was about the worst, but they were bound and determind to make it work somehow. Living with her mother in a small town in the midwest, and helping to take care of her as she aged beautifully. Taking each day, one step at a time.

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Today's Furs
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