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PostSubject: Heartfelt?   Wed 27 Feb - 18:33

Yesterday was quite a happy day, our kitty Amari went into labor and delivered four beautiful kittens. All of them different shades of gray, like their mother. Today however... is quite sad, one of those lil' ones didn't make it, he passed on sometime this morning. My mother did cry, my mate I think cried on the inside, and I... have been trying to stay strong but wanna cry so badly. The lil' darlin' didn't really even get his chance, but he was also slow and didn't move much after being born. And as with most first time mothers Amari didn't know what to do or how to do a lot of things. She is trying and learning though day by day, and grieving as well for her lost kitten. He will be missed as many that have gone before him.

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