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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Mon 15 Jul - 22:46

Player name:
Name: All names are in simplified tongue (Such as Glyph, Dash, Twopaw, Etc. Not names like Maximillian or Richard.)
Age: (if you cant figure out a good age say 'Pup, Young adult, Hatchling,' Etc)
Species: (You can have mix species of the same 'type' such as a half wolf/half dog, but no half wolf/half fox, half dog/half cat, etc. If you find an animal mix you want to have, find research of mix breeds in real life, and send a link to the page. ((no graphic stuff please.)) otherwise the decision will be based on what Silvi says.)
Pack: (A wolf can be in a fox pack and vise versa, but a pure prey animal (deer, rabbit, etc) more than likely will NOT be in the pack. Ask Silvi for permission. Must also ask permission for being a Shaman.)
Rank: (No alpha unless your own pack, and you must ask Silvi for permission.)
Likes: (Something that will make your character extremely happy if it is done around/with him/her)
Dislikes: (Something that will cause fear/worry/etc to your character.)
Flaws: (Obsession with something, weak leg, etc. Must have at least one.)
Merits: (Something that makes your character useful. You may only have one.)
Strengths: (Strength, Speed, Endurance, Intellect, Wisdom, Charisma. Pick two.)
Weaknesses: (Strength, Speed, Endurance, Intellect, Wisdom, Charisma. Pick three.)
Appearance: (You can use to make as an example of coloration for paint.)
Extra Information:
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PostSubject: Re: Character Template   Mon 15 Jul - 23:31

Player name: Rayveniatelvos
Name: Shadowpaws
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Canis lupus crassodon
Pack: Unknown
Parents: Nightwind (mother), Fallensnow (Father)
Rank: Shaman
Likes: Making Herbal Remedies
Dislikes: The smell of necrotized or infected flesh
Flaws: Obsession with healing the pack, even at the cost of her own health.
Merits: Eidetic memory.
Strengths: Intellect, Wisdom
Weaknesses: Strength, Speed, Endurance
Appearance: Except black fur and painted markings all over face, down back and around paws.
History: WiP
Extra Information: WiP

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PostSubject: Re: Character Template   Wed 7 Aug - 13:01

Player name: Mnwolfboy
Name: Yugo
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Pack: Wolves of the Wind
Parents: Dash and Rose
Rank: Pack Alpha
Likes: The White Flowers that grow on the hill, and enjoys the view on top of the cliffs.
Dislikes: Nightmares he gets about a wolf that is in a full coat of black and heart full of hatred
Personality: He can be grumpy but he can also be gentle hearted. There are days however he can be overly protective of the pack.
Flaws: Can be overly protective of the pack and can be very grumpy. He gets nightsmares that often wake him up at night and tries to hide his fears about it.
Merits: He is Alpha for a reason. His father Dash who has past away was Alpha and through training and teachings of his father he has too been accepted by the pack as Alpha. He has proven his worth with good leadership and puts his pack first above him self.
Appearance: He is a black wolf with a white belly. His eyes are blue and he has a scar from when he was a pup that he does not completely remember how he got but assumes it had to do with the death of his mother. This scar is located on right paw.
History: His mother was killed to save him, and his father had raised him to become a alpha. What he doesn't know is that a Black wolf named glyph is out to get him and his pack.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Template   

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Character Template
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