Ye Shall Be As Gods
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 Vote for your Focused Roleplay!

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Which roleplay should we focus on?
The Darkened
 0% [ 0 ]
City of Gods
 67% [ 2 ]
Online Ice Phoenix
 0% [ 0 ]
Wolf Pack Legacies
 0% [ 0 ]
The Darkest Blood
 0% [ 0 ]
Shadow Unit
 33% [ 1 ]
The Legend of the Ancients
 0% [ 0 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 3


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PostSubject: Vote for your Focused Roleplay!   Thu 6 Mar - 17:01

The Darkened
In a world striving to exist between the chaos
caused by the war between Demons and Spirits,
warriors known as chosen who are aided by
powerful soul eating spirits that grant them
a power to protect Earth from the on going war.
Takes place in present day Earth.

"This story has not gotten very far and is only
in the first chapter of the series. This Rp could
easily be postponed for a later date."

City of Gods
Daemarians are animal people who are gifted
with powers over the elements, can appear as
a human, and can live for several thousand years.
A band of daemarians and half humans known as
demi-humans strive to exist in the human world
and face many conspiracies and mysteries that
will determine the future of daemarian and human
kind as well as reveal the secrets of there origins.
This Rp goes through many eras.

"This story has gotten a few chapters in already
and is two more chapters to go before finished. It is
the furthest of the roleplays to go and possibly one
of the more complicated story lines."

Online Ice Phoenix
Many people wake up in another world in another body
only to learn they are inside a computer generated world
and in the outside world there bodies have fallen victim
to a comatose caused by a phenomenon called the
"Dead Lights". In order to wake up again they must travel
into the virtual world and unravel the hidden truth behind
the phenomenon.

"This roleplay is on its second out of three and would be
the quickest to finish off."

Wolf Pack Legacies
In wolf pack legacies, you are wolves who strive for survival
and peace, but that peace is broken by a rival pack who is
tapped into dark forces that could mean the end of there

"This story has not really began at all. Could Easily Pass up
on it."

Darkest Blood
This is a survival story roleplay about students who one
day wake up in deserted school unable to escape and held
captive by mysterius otherworldly forces. They must fight for
survival and seek a means to escape as a mysterius creature
known as leers can infest bodies and reanimate corpses. But
not all is what it seems as some of the students have secrets
of there own. Werewolves for example...

"This story has not gotten anywhere at all and easily passable."

Shadow Unit
In near future of Earth, it is being invaded by a unknown
alien threat who seek to drain the world of its life force,
enslave humanity, and seek a cosmic power known as the
shadow stars. Little do they know that a hand full of humans
are chosen to rise and wield the cosmic powers.

"This story has not gotten very far at all and no where near
a chapter conclusion. Easily passable."

The legend of the Ancients
In the old days of kings and queens, dragon still exist and there
is a race of humans known as Ancients with the gift of the gods
that let them communicate freely with dragons. But in this world
it is run by fear and hatred and a band of heroes must work
together to rid the world of darkness.

"This story barely started. Easily Passable"

Vega (Get a reboot, you decide)
In the distant future man kind has moved on into space and
colonizing worlds under the order of the federation that is
governed by Vampires. In this future there are also werewolves
that strive for freedom and try to rid the universe of vampire
occupation. Meanwhile they all face a dangerous threat from
alien species known as the Vexx that seek out the destruction
of worlds and slavery of other alien species. However a group
werewolves, humans, vampries, and other creatures fight together
on board a mysterious living shop known as the Vega that has
complete immunity to Vexx weaponry. What is the origin of the
Vega remains unknown but could lead to ether the salvation or
the destruction of all life in the universe.

"This story gotten only a small ways, and alot if its plot was up in
the air. However I have gotten new fresh ideas for a reboot."

On present day Earth, Clara a human girl working at a old antique
store owned by her great aunt, comes across a mysterious artifact
that falls under her care. When it reacts to her presence, she is sucked
up into a tear in the universe that sends her across time and space and
she finds her self in the distant future in a middle of a galactic war between
a occupation running federation and opposing freedom fighters who seek to
capture a secret weapon, A living ship known as the Vega in hopes to give
them leverage in this on going war. Clara mixed up in all of this soon finds
her self on board the Vega that for some reason reacts to her presence,
along with the freedom fighters. She now seeks answers as to why she is
there and how will she find her way home. Little do they know another
threat is approaching that may force both sides of this war to work together
if they are going to have any hope for a future.

"Hope you all like the reboot concept, it has similarities to the classic but
I have a entire plot laid out, and Clara is the center of it all."
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Vote for your Focused Roleplay!
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