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 Hello? Anyone out there?

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PostSubject: Hello? Anyone out there?   Fri 3 Apr - 7:29

It's kinda feeling like the site is dead. With very few people showing up, this private little forum kinda seems dusty. I miss a few of my friends over these years and i consider most of you all to be awesome
, and if not, epic roleplayers.

So the years have gone by, and i find myself looking at the old logs again of some of my favorite roleplays wondering if anyone else is out there? Are you all alive? And are you all still being epic? I hope you are. =3

If your still alive then message me on Skype, or something. Let me know you all are still kicking!


~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~
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PostSubject: Re: Hello? Anyone out there?   Wed 10 Jun - 13:32

hey hows it going. Haven't talked to you in a while. Silvian Grey on steam or Mnwolfboy on Skype, You should add me.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello? Anyone out there?   Wed 10 Jun - 19:11

I'm still here, am always logged in since I made this place my homepage -hugs both- miss everyone too -sniffles-

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PostSubject: Re: Hello? Anyone out there?   

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Hello? Anyone out there?
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