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 //Vega - Reboot// Story Information (Read)

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PostSubject: //Vega - Reboot// Story Information (Read)   Wed 10 Jun - 14:37

This is a Reboot of the Vega story. Enjoy!

In a war torn future, Earth is destroyed by a threat known as the Vex. However despite the Vex threat in the universe there is a War going on between two factions. The Federation and the Lupar. Federation has control over many worlds and Lupar only a few. Some Lupar are forced to live among Federation silently. Meanwhile a woman named Claira who is from the year 2015, finds her self hundreds of years into the future. The year here is 2625. Upon Clairas appearance in the future, a living spaceship known as the Vega has too appeared. The federation wants to gain control over the Vega and to do so they must have Claira. Meanwhile the Lupar want Claira and the Vega as leverage against Federation. But secretly there is possibly a third hidden faction possibly pulling strings between both wars and also too want Claira for reasons of there own.

The Federation Alliance was created in order to keep not just the humans together to fight together but also as a alliance with many other alien species so they may work together for a better future against the Vex threat that has destroyed many homes of the many alien species. However as a way to keep the peace they also suppress many of the cultures including human culture in favor of a universal culture that is made up of carefully chosen adoptions of other cultures that aid there survival. This involves many strict laws that are placed and a system that is called the STEP Program. (Systematically Tested Education Placement.) STEP is a means to test individuals and place them under specific job categories where they get educated to do there systematically given job title to do for the rest of there life. You could become a doctor, a farmer, or even a soldier wither you want it or not. People are chipped and systematically tract. Anyone who tries to cheat the system or leave there chosen job can face punishment that often times can be severe or even a death sentence. The federation believe there is no room lazy people and dreamers which is why you will find very little Art or media in this society. There is no money there is only Grade where the food, clothes, and any personal possession you get if you work hard to enough to raise your Grade Level. If you manage to become a TOP tier Grade you are allowed to retire from your job and become eligible to be a council member that helps make laws and govern the people. STEP and Grade was put in place to insure people never become homeless or jobless. There is no room for poverty when it comes to Survival of the species.

This faction is made up of mostly humans with some alien species on there side. They want to eradicate the federation with the common belief that there is a way to live with each other with out the need to suppress everyone culture and without having to make people slaves to there chosen job. However due to there outcast nature, there technology is no where near advanced as Federation resulting in piracy. Lupar is often seen as pirates to the Federation due to the fact they often steal weapons, technology, and even spaceships from Federation. All lupar want is to be able to choose how they want to live there lives, free from Federation oppression. Lupar often times when hiding within Federation society will Hack and Forge Counterfit GRADE title. However with advanced systems of the Federation it is possible to be detected having false credentials.

GRADE System
Grade is a system where instead of currency, people earn a Grade Level. It can take many years of hard work to raise the Grade Level but the higher their Grade the better food, clothing, and even personal items they are able to get. Even housing is better if your grade level is high enough. Top tiers of Grade will also earn you retirement from your job and eligibility to become a council member.

GRADE 0 (Low Grade)
This is the lowest Grade you can have. Children under the age of 18 are Gradeless but once they turn 18, they become considered a Adult and once they go through the STEP program they usually earn there first Grade as L with the exception that you can be born into higher GRADES if Family members are a higher GRADE. This Grade allows them to earn low grade food, nothing but the lowest quality of life. Often small apartments shared by others and food serving just bare minimal for survival and to maintain there energy for continuous work hours.

Allows for personal living space and slightly better portions of Low food quality.

As Grade 2 you are able to be promoted in your Job position as manager. Food quality is still low and Living Space remains the same.

This level of Grade allows you a nice living space of your choice, and Better food quality and portions.

You are allowed to have Highest Quality of food and become eligible for advance positions in your Job.

You are able to retire and have the best living environment of your choosing. You are also eligible to become a council member if voted.

GRADE S - Superior
At this grade you would have to be a council member or highest form of military service. You know anywhere from some or all of the federations secrets and have unlimited resources.
It is possible to be born into GRADE 5 if your family members are GRADE S. As a GRADE S and a Parent why make you children be a low GRADE when you can give them GRADE 5. You are a superior after all. You can pull the strings.
It is said that even as GRADE S there are Sub GRADES based on how trusted you are with secrets.

GRADES lvl 1 to Grade 4 it is possible to be born into those Grade Levels. Often when you reach adult hood and go through the STEP program, it will base some of the criteria of your family GRADE to place you in ether same GRADE level or a GRADE lower.

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PostSubject: Re: //Vega - Reboot// Story Information (Read)   Wed 10 Jun - 15:24


(you can make up some of your own alien races. I will add more later possibly)

Humans: After earth was destroyed by the Vex humans had to seek out new ways of living and make alliances with other alien species they soon meet suffering from a similar fate due to the Vex threat.

Nox They are a fish like alien race that have to remain in a aquatic environment or must be in special suits to allow them to breath, walk around with other alien species. They are a very military like race and are often the backbone of security and police like power in Federation Society.

Vess The vess are bipedal humanoid like race. They do not have hair, and are pale skinned with big eyes and pointy ears. They view humans as weak and they hate the Nox. However they play a important roll in federation society and are the ones that came up with the GRADE system as a way of life.

Vex: They are a mysterious alien race that have been known for destroying many many worlds. They are able to take the shape of other life forms but can not speak. No one actually knows what they truly look like as they can appear as anyone or thing. Nobody really knows what they want or what they are after.

Inter-dimensionals: Mysterious entities that have been communicating with Claira in her dreams or visions sometimes when she is awake. What exactly they want are unknown.

Celestials (Requires Permission): There is said to be a race calling them selves the Celestial. What they want, who they are, what they are continues to remain a mystery. It is said though that they are pulling strings on both sides of the war between Federation and the Lupar. Conspiracy?

Shifters (Requires Permission: There is talk that there are supposed people, humans or another alien race that supposedly can shift into other creatures. However this could be just a myth or urban legend. or is it?
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//Vega - Reboot// Story Information (Read)
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