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 ///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)

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PostSubject: ///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)   Tue 20 Oct - 2:14

T h e
Episode One: Rise of the Fallen God

"Some times the only way to have a good ending, we have to make our own."

Long ago, about 3000 years ago from today a battle had came to being against Demons, who wish to take over Earth. Twelve Special Spirits came to Earth to give humans a fighting chance. They chose people called chosens, to wield a legendary weapon fused with one of the twelve spirits called the Armlet. With the gifts given to a chosen there duties is to protect the world from demons and spirits, but there are many secrets, conspiracies, and even a hidden agenda to uncover, and in doing so, will change the fate of the world forever. But there is just one rule for a chosen... They must never kill a innocent, for that is the law... of the DARKENED...

This Rp takes place in present time Earth, and with progression of the RP, you will learn about the history of the Armlets and discover many dark truths and hidden agendas. This RP will be listed as chapters, and I will give summary of what happened in Each chapter to try to make it easier for those who cant get on often to keep up.

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)   Tue 20 Oct - 2:15

Prelude: In the days of the first chosens (over 3000 years ago), A being calling its self the God of destruction, a Demon God called the Grand Demon started its chaos and destruction upon the world, and was far more powerful then any Chosen, and many had died. So the first chosens decided that, if they can not kill the Grand Demon, they woudl seal him away in a prison for all eternity, and so they used the forge that created the armlets inside the Temple of the Moon, and locked him away within it. In the process Dash, the chosen of the Wolf died to save the world, were his body rests within the temple... Now in the present day Earth a artifact collector gets his hands on the wrong statue to miss with, he releases a Demon Lord who was sealed away for thousands of years, and becomes possessed, now seeking a way to revive the fallen Demon God looking for the Demon book of shadows. Now Chosens, Demons, Angels, Spirts, and even creatures of the night must come together before it is too late, and the fate of three worlds changes forever...

Rise of the Fallen God: ...Only just begining...
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)   Tue 20 Oct - 2:18

///Story Information///
About Chosens and Armlets in Detail:
It is called The Armlet, like a name. The armlet is made of a pure white metal called umbrium, and it looks like a bracelet that normally covers half of the chosens lower arm, but can transform into a small bracelet, until its power is needed.. The armlet is not only a weapon but a tool that allows the chosen to draw upon the spirits power to manipulate energy, and is such power that no Chosen them selves can ever handle the power alone, and so that is why the armlet is a tool to channel this power for them. Energy costs energy, and so when the armlet power is unleashed to manipulate energy, it hungers for souls. These spirits are soul collectors, which makes them a powerful Allie and a enemy if the chosens are not careful. There is a Law that all Chosens must obey, or they risk there soul being drained, were they will become a soulless beast to walk the earth for all eternity, which is a fate worse then death... this is called the Law of the Darkened, and it is forbidden for a Chosen to use there power against any Innocent, for blood of a innocent will melt away the Armlets Metal... and a death of a innocent, the armlet will turn against the chosen. The armlet also grants two more gifts to the chosen, and that is the power to summon a specific kind of weapon unique to each chosen, that has the power to absorb the souls that they kill, allowing the spirit of the Armlet to feed. The other is a special armor, and when the chosens armlets power grows so does the armor, become better. Each spirit of the armlet represents a animal, and when the armor is summoned it shows characteristics of that animal. The Armlet, being it contains a spirit, also makes the armlet a living thing, and so it can heal if the metal is damaged. It is also known that sometimes the souls absorb, the chosen inherits fragments of memories from them.

Armlet Summary
-Can absorb Souls
-Allows chosen to manipulate energy
-Can summon a unique weapon
-Can summon a armor
-Armor Changes in Power Growth
-Armlet Changes at power growth and When Needed.
-Souls sometimes gives chosens fragments of memories.
-No killing or harming innocents
-Armlet can heal if damaged.

The Great Flow:
A great river of life covers the world; It is called the great flow. It covers everything and exists in everything. It flows around the Earth and when a person dies they travel the river of life. There are three worlds. The Umbra, The Nexus, and Earth. They are all co-existent and surrounded by the great flow.

All worlds have laws, not laws as in rules but laws as in they just are like gravity is on Earth. Both Demons and Spirits are immortal beings so they can control there aging so they can never die from age but they can still die. Demons can not get younger but they can stop aging or at least slow it down unless the devour life force. Life force can make them younger. Demons and spirits are both shapeshifters but demons transform as a form of mutation and spirits have no true shape and can appear any way they choose to. Demons can possess innocence (mortal beings), and spirits can not without risking to rip the hosts soul as well as there own soul apart but spirits can channel energy. For spirits to be able to get a physical form on Earth they need to be reincarnated lose there memories in process but is possible to regain them. Or they can be resurrected but takes a rare powerful amount of energy. Demons on the other hand need to possess a innocent in order to gain a physical form. But they cant posses a creature unless they are willing. Demons are very seductive and manipulative creatures. In the process of gaining a physical form, the host slowly dies because it is the life force that the demon is feasting on and growing slowly inside the host. Some times it takes more then one host just to get a proper physical form. Demons and Spirits do have alternatives to gaining a physical form that required extreme rare huge amounts of power, and certain requirements to be done.

Birth of Demons and Spirits
How it works is simple, When a mortal dies, there soul becomes a spirit, but there is apart of the soul that is left behind that turns into a demon. So when we die our soul becomes two new beings. Spirits retain the memories of who we once were, while the demon carries on a new life, sometimes retaining some memories who they once were.

Summary of Demon Laws:
-Need life force to get Younger
-Shapeshifters - Mutate
-Can posses Innocence
-Need to posses to gain a form. Hosts need to be willing.
-Hosts normal die in process, sometimes requires more then one host.
-Are seductive and manipulative
-Alternative ways to gain physical form

Spirit Laws
-No true form
-Shapeshifters - No true Form
-Can channel energy through Innocence
-Can be reincarnated, loses memories
-Can be resurrected
-Cant posses
-alternative gain physical form

Mortal Laws
-Called Innocence to the immortal
-Humans, Dogs, ect.
-Can Breed with Demons and/or Spirits in physical form

The Demon/Spirit War:
The nexus became corrupted, and started to slowly fall apart. The reason for it to fall apart is unknown. Demons decided that it was a good idea to conquer Earth. If they were to take Earth, it could be there New Nexus. Spirits knew that Earth was the only thing that separated the Nexus from the Umbra and if demons took Earth then there would be nothing to prevent demons from going to the Umbra. Spirits feared this so they decided a planned Apocalypse. If the Earth was obviated, leaving nothing but a empty void then there would be no reason for demons to cross over. Not all spirits agreed so twelve special spirits came to Earth to seek out Chosens.

Chosens and the Three Temples:
Each Spirit represents a animal. With the help of shamans, they made Temples for the spirits and in each temple was made a forge. The forges were used to make Armlets out of a special metal from the umbra its self called Umbrium. Each temple made four armlets, each armlet containing one of the twelve spirits making the armlets alive making a total of twelve armlets. The Spirits then chose the bearer of the armlet and its power they offered, to become the chosens.
In the beginning the spirits were helped to decide by holding trials inside the temples. The trials were made up of puzzles and obstacles for a person to try to solve and perform to see if they were worthy of the great power. Over time the trials were no longer used.

Chosens of the Armlets:
Chosens are given the ability to manipulate energy, taking a flame and making a fire ball, taking wind and use it to make things move, taking lightening and redirecting it else were, making water take shape. Of course they can not create elements only manipulate them, at costs. Without proper training and practice even manipulating fire can result into burning them selves. They can even manipulate energy in plants causing a plant to grow instantly but at the cost of taking energy from other plant life surounding it. And even manipulating energy takes energy from the armlet causing the armlet to grow hungry with a blood lust and thirst that can sometimes be unbearable by the chosen. The armlets also offer unique weapons capable of soul devouring for energy. They can even summon a armor but so fat can not be controlled, the armlet is alive with the spirit inside it and so it has a mind of its own and as a result the armor only appears when it needs to. But over time chosen's learn how it is triggered. But these powers do have its limitations.

The Law of the Darkened:
The armor is powerful enough to withstand any human weapon with out so much as a dent, but it is durable but not indestructible from demon and other spirit energy and weaponry. And chosens are not allowed to kill or harm innocence. All things born on Earth are considered innocent. Blood spilled on the Umbrium will melt away like acid in the spots that blood falls upon, and if a innocent is to be killed by the armlet it will cause the armlet to go against the chosen and slowly devour there soul until they are a soulless demon, far worse then death to a chosen. This is the Law of the Darkened.

Becoming a Chosen in further Detail:
Humans are not the only ones who can become a Chosen, Demons, angels, Werewolves, elves if they still exist, and even Deamons (not to be confused with demons.. See City of Gods for details on Deamons) can become a chosen. For those who are a demon and are picked by a Armlet to become a Chosen, will have some instability. There is a reaction that effects demons when they use the power of the armlet. It is like a Negative and Positive reaction, they cancel each other out, so the more a demon uses the armlets power, the less demon they become. Basically if a Demon uses the Armlet alot, they become mortal.
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)   

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///The Darkened Saga/// --- Story Information (Please Read First)
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