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 my story :D

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PostSubject: my story :D   Wed 4 Nov - 8:47

Ok so some of you know about my story >.> well I'm going to post what I have so far :3


The vast sands of Tanaris to one person would seem long and treacherous. Crawling with Crystalspine Basilisks and Diremaul Ogres. Also scouring the sands of Tanaris were the Silithus insects, making hives around the southwestern side of the country. Hecklefang Hyenas and Scorpids also scurry across this desolate wasteland. Fire Rocs and even Dragonkin are seen here. This is the story of one Night Elf's survival in the fight against the Horde, the battles of her peril filled journeys, her friends, and enemies. the story of Luna Silver.
The lavender haired Night Elf wandered the vast beaches of The Long Wash, just West of Auberdine. The dark waters of the Veiled Sea held many dangers and many secrets. Walking beside her was her trusted pet . A Moonstalker Sire named Grimmjow. Finding a nice spot on the beach of the Long Wash, Luna sat down and took her Lord's Boots off. Her feet digging slightly into the sands. Grimmjow let out a small roar, as she patted the spot next to her. He pranced over and flopped down, tired from their recent journey.
Luna had been joining with some of her friends from her guild on small dungeon crawls. Blackfathom Deeps was her first. Blackfathom Sea Witches, Oracles and Tide Priestesses gave her the most trouble. Luna sighed with a happy face, remembering who had taken her first. Her friend Silvian and her went down there. Then she was invited to a group by her friend Sectionait, whom was going down there to kill the Naga Lady Sarevess. For he was in search of the bow Naga Heartpiercer. It was rumored that the bow was found on her body by a very lucky adventurer. Sectionait really wanted that bow.
Luna remembered the next part of that dungeon, the Murlocs. Very annoying creatures they were. Gelihast was exceptianally annoying and a very good fighter at that. His attacks were swift and willing to strike down those who didn't pay attention or rushed into it unprepared. Her friend Uros, who happens to be the Guild Leader, went with her to Scarlet Monastary. All alone, Uros wiped out the mobs of enemies like they were nothing. Luna felt really bad because she felt kinda useless. although she knew she could take them by herself, she felt grateful to Uros for helping her through. Many great adventures and many great friends. Luna was proud to have grown as much as she had. Another of her favorites was one of her most recently explored dungeons, Sunken Temple, or The Temple of Atal'Hakkar.
A few of her fellow guildies talked with her and she asked if someone could take her through Sunken Temple. Merciful had taken her through a dungeon already and hoped that Merci had another left in her. Reesant also joined in on the fun. Both of her friends were really strong and she admired their strength. Luna had it set in her mind, she wanted to be as strong as Merci and Rees. So they went into the dungeon, Merci and Rees went in and just obliterated everything that moved! Except her of course.
The one thing Luna feared about this dungeon, was the Pit of Sacrifice. It was swarming with Dragonkin! Of course Rees and Merci weren't worried about it. So, she waited while they massacred everything in one area so Luna could jump safely to the bottom floor.
Grimmy let out another roar, which snapped Luna out of her stupor. as he got up and went over to another Night Elf. He had silvery white hair, pale skin, Armor of the Fang, Triprunner Dungerees, Swine Fists, Belt of the Fang, Gnomebot Operating Boots, Amy's Blanket cloak, Serpent Shoulders and an Archer's Cap. On his back was a pole arm called Grimlock's Charge that he had recently acquired.
"Ishnu'alah Luna." he said as he bowed to her. Grimmy came up to the male Night Elf and rubbed his head against his leg, wanting attention.
"Need something Silvian?" she asked with a small smile on her face.
"Want to come with me to Tanaris?" he asked. At the sound of another journey, Grimmjow growled and snapped at Silvian's hand. He bit down and snarled.
"Dangit Grimmjow!" Silvian yelled. The male Night Elf's blood ran down into the Moonstalker's mouth, making him clamp down harder. Luna pulled out a nice, thick piece of tender wolf meat from her back, unwrapping it and put it near the Moonstalker's nose. Upon smelling the meat, Grimmy released Silvian's hand and snatched the meat right from Luna's grasp. Silvian sighed lightly as green ribbons of light swirled around him and his bite morks began to disappear.
Luna smiled apologetically and sighed,"Sorry 'bout that Silvian.." He smiled and waved it off, shoving her lightly,"No worries." Grimmjow let out another roar of a hello as two Draenei came up to them. Luna waved as she smiled still,"Coragem! Jerron! Long time no see!" she said happily. Coragem stayed a bit silent while Jerron gave Luna a big bear hug.
"Good to see you Miss Luna. How are you this fine afternoon?" Jerron asked. Luna bowed respectfully and smiled,"I'm doing alright and how might you be Jerron?"
"I'm doing well, just on my way to Astranaar to take some things to the Sentinels there." he said with a happy tone. Luna chuckled a bit as she stood up. Dusting her feet off, she put her boots back on and grabbed her sword. Its polished metal surface shimmered in what little light there was. She smiled, petting Grimmjow lightly,"Well, I'm sure that we can all go somewhere together. How about we all fly to Astranaar?" she asked. Everyone nodded in agreement as she invited them all to join her party. Once everyone was ready, they all took off on the Hippogryphs that the Hippogryph Master had allowed them to ride..for a price of course.
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my story :D
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