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 ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles

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PostSubject: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Tue 20 Oct - 2:44

Post them profiles here!

///Special Positions///

Chosens Available are:
1.) Wolf: Brandon (mnwolfboy)
2.) Tiger: Shea (mnwolfboy)
3.) Lion: Taken - ???? (mnwolfboy)
4.) Falcon: Rexus (Zrgal)
5.) Fox: Nari (Luna_silvermoon)
6.) Leopard: Mysterius Girl
7.) Lizard: Empty
8.) Jackal: Empty
9.) Bear: Empty
10.) Bat: Available but must be recieved after Izzies death.
11.) Snake: Ociri (Jerron_silversun)
12.) Badger: Empty
13.)Elk (Collete): ??????

Character Background Information

Note that story wise, Chosens are picked by the spirits, that is why they are chosens. There are laws that exist for both demons and spirits, In order for a demon to physical exist on Earth they need to posses a host to grow in side of in order to gain a physical form, sometimes it takes more then one host (that means hosts die), in order to gain a physical form. Alternatively there are things of great power that are strong and powerful enough to instantly give them physical form. Laws for spirits and angels, in order for them to exist physically on Earth they need to be resurrected or reincarnated. They can not posses a living being with out tearing theres or the hosts soul apart. Although there is one last alternative that goes for both Demons and Spirits, is a powerful enough Gate way able to reverse that Great Flow (The River of life) its self granting them a instant Transition Between worlds. Only one object has been said to be that powerful and that is something called a Crimson Jewel. There is only four in existence.
It is possible for some one to become a demon or a angel with out dieing, and you can be born a demon or angel, as well as half demon or angel.
Demons and Angels are immortal beings, they can live agelessly if they choose to. They are only immortal when it comes to age.

The Wolven Brotheren

///Profile Template///

[b]Birth Name:[/b] (Name given to your character at Birth)
[b]Alias:[/b] (Name you prefer to go by.)
[b]Armlet:[/b] (Only if you are a chosen or false chosen) (Wolf, tiger, ect..)
[b]Age: [/b] ( Are you 20, 30, 3, 5600? )
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male, Female, Both O.o)
[b]Race: [/b](What are you?)
[b]Profession:[/b] (Chosen, Archeologist, Demon Lord, Seraphs, adventure, ect)
[b]Alignment: [/b](good, Lawful Good, Netural, Evil, Chaotic Evil, Ect)
[b]Likes:[/b] (What your character Likes)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (What your character Dislikes)
[b]Weapon Skills:[/b] (Weapons your skilled at using if any)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (What character is normally wearing.)
[b]Skills:[/b] (What your character is good at)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Characters Personality)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What your character looks like)
[b]Biography:[/b] (What makes your character Tick!)

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Sat 31 Oct - 22:41

Name: Ociri
Age: looks around 20
Gender: male
Species: snake demon
Alliance: Neutral
Description: short dark green hair and has yellow snake eyes
Bio: born in a river village spent his younger years exploreing the thick jungles surrounding his village he was out playing when a jaguar and lunged after him he ran as fast as he could through the dense vines until he reached the river he figured running along it hopeing to find home he came to a cave alongside the river as he ran inside the cave it was dark he fell into water he couldent tell where he was going he just kept swimming finally his hand touched solid rock he used it to pull him self up he looked back at the light in the entrance thier was a sillouette of the jaguar it jumped in the river and started swimming to him suddenly this giant snake come from under the water and wraped around the jaguarand pulled it under he was afraid and started running to the cave til he came to this pitch black room with a beam of light shining down on a altar when he walked into the cavern he heard hissing sounds followed and a thunderous voice that said ( so you return to us time to take you true form ) as soon as the voice went quiet his skin felt cold and tightend he put his hand into the beam of light he had scales like that of the snake his skin went back to normal as he observed his hand he notices the armband in the altar he reached down and picked it up and a strong breezes gusted through the cave carrying a voice saying ( you hav been choosen ) the beam of light suddenly light up the whole room and the floors and walls where coverd with all kinds of snakes slithering up and on his feet he put the armband on a bright fash and he woke up resting on a vine coverd log next to his village

Weapons: staff made of stone with a snake engravings on it, claws and venomous fangs
Chosen Spirit: snake
Abilities: shapeshift into giant cobra spits venom each time he gets hurt in battle and afterwards regenerates and becomes stronger his scales are almost un penatratable and his healing is almost instantaneous makeing him damn near unkillable
Weakness: fire
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Sun 1 Nov - 11:54

Name: Nari-lana Vanri
Other Alias: Nari
Chosen: Fox
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145lbs
Race: demi-human cat
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: ice blue
Gender: female
Build: toned

Partial Animal Form:

Food: fish
Drink: hot green tea and water
Likes: fighting, playing with yarn and catnip ;3
Dislikes: dogs Dx<
Fighting style: swordmage
Learning: self taught
Status: Single
Occupation: Mercenary
Association: none right now
Criminal Record: nothing as of yet :3
Blood Type: AB positive
Abilites: As a swordmage, she has the ability to channel magic through her sword. Using the elemental magic, her sword will glow a different color for each element.
Weapons: A scimitar named Feynri and a short sword named Marz.
Equipment: a standard adventurer's kit
Bio / Past: Unknown to her at this moment although she does have occasional flashbacks here and there.
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Mon 30 Nov - 11:06

(( Thanks for the invite Mn))

Name: Rexus Revask
Age: 950 years old
Reincarnation: third reincarnation
Gender: Male
Species: Demi-human Fox
Generation: third
Alliance: Good
Description: Short Black hair and facial hair, with slight red eyes. He wears light armor, with metal plates on his good arm, those only apearing when he is in a fight.
Bio: growing up on a farm somewhere outside of the city, Rexus lived a care free life with his uncle and aunt. He never really knew much about his parents and each time he asked his uncle he would just scowl and say “Not you’re time kid…” however rexus did know that he was different from everyone else for he aged slower than anyone he ever knew. The other farmers started getting suspicious of the Revask family and blamed them for how bad their farms where. Durring this rexus was about 949 years old, deciding it was too dangerous to live on the farm any longer. Taking his father’s trench coat, hat, and his sword he ran off. He was unaware that he was a living pool of Chaotic energy.

Rex has grown alot in the past years, his energy multplying and his body growing to match something of his own design. He has gained a few friends, and a new source of energy, the amulet.

Weapons: once a sword fighter, he now fist fights, channeling the uncountroulable energy into his fist.
Chosen Spirit: Spirit of the Falcon
Abilities: The ability to channel the raw power of Red vamp, he also has the ancient revask Power called Aura Control.
Weakness: Templar Magic

Special equipment: An eye patch over his left eye that contintly reduces his power level so that he can controll it.



Birth Name: Lyeara kools
Alias: Lye Wolf
Armlet: ((None))
Age: 2100
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Daemon
Profession: Dimension Pirate.
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: money, treasure, adventure.
Dislikes: the cops, dimension police. Any authority.
Weapon Skills: energy pistol, and energy saber.((Note: Not hi-Tech))
Equipment: her clothes…no shoes. A few rounds of spirit crystals and a traveling sack slung over her shoulder.
Skills: Fire and lightning control. Weapon mastery, high jump, and great speed. She knows Kung foe…really she does.
Personality: she is there and always there…until she sees something shiny then It’s adventure time.

Biography: she joined the((Legion of Diminsioners!)) at a young age, they where brutal to her, and offered her many opportunities to leave the group but Lye was determined. One Day her crews ship was ambushed by the D.Police and they had secured the ship. Lye fought and killed all the D.Cops with only a single rusty sword, and she was proclaimed a hero to the pirates. She has been there all her life.

One day when the dimensions where right for the picking the cops landed a surprise attack on dimension-E ((present day earth)) and they had blasted the whole entire ship to smithereens. Lye was the only survivor.

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Mon 25 Jan - 12:39

mnwolfboy wrote:
Birth Name: Brandon Galagar
Alias: Brandon
Armlet: Wolf
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human - Demon??
Profession: Chosen of the Wolf
Alignment: Neutral - Good
Likes: Brandon enjoyed spending alot of his free time at the park, near the creak were he would look down into the water, wishing his dad was still alive, and remembering the good times and the sad times.
Dislikes: Demons but also does not trust the grey wolf that keeps appearing, as it seems he is the only one who can see him.
Weapon Skills: He has no real skill, but once he unleashes the power of the Armlet, he can fight fairly, but often reclacely.
Equipment: Normaly Jeans or Camos, and a t-shirt. Wears a necklace that was given to him by his best friend Jenna.
Skills: Other then the power given to him by the Armlet, he has another power that he can not control, that is dark, and demonic, which raises questions about his heritage.
Personality: Skeptical, and reclace, and jumps into things with out thought.
Appearance: He has a lightly shaven face, with ice blue eyes, and med length dark brown hair.
(This is a picture of Brandon back when he was happy before his father died.)[/align]
Biography: Six years ago, his father was killed in a car accident, and ever since the funeral, a black spark came from his fathers body and zapped him and ever since, he gets nightmares every night about the end of the world and his own death, and not just that, he also sees a ghostly Grey wolf that only he can see. Even stranger sometimes strange things happen around him that he can not explain such as red and purple lightning, tv flickering or acting on its own, a microwave exploding for now reason, cold water truing hod and exploding the glass. All linked to the mysterious power he seems to hold, and Demon Lord Garrion who is free and tryign to revive the Demon God not only wants the Demon Book of shadows but believes that Brandons uncontrolled power is the key to reviving his Fallen God. When Garrion became free and possessed the Man name Gabriel Jicrow a Business man and Artifact collector, he steels Brandons sister Maries soul and so now Brandon seeks to find him to save his sister. When he feels alone, he visits his sisters comatose body at the hospital, hoping that some part of her will wake up again.

mnwolfboy wrote:
User Name: mnwolfboy
Birth Name: Garu
Alias: Garu
Age: Unkowns
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Profession: Demon Lord
Alignment: Good
Likes: Shea
Dislikes: Demon Lords who wish to conqure, and despises the demon tiger clan.
Weapon Skills: Swords and Spears.
Equipment: A silver sphere that can tranform into any weapon he desires. It is a rare weapon called the War Eye.
Skills: He has become a skilled demon lord, and has the abilltity to shapeshift.
Personality: He is quite loyal, kind, and acts liek a gentlemen, a skill he aquired when he was a servant.
Appearance: He is a ugly mixture of human and tiger, that he can not change, it is a curse placed on him by the Tiger Clan Demon Lord, he once served for abandoning his servant duties.
Biography: Little is known about him accept that he had fallen in love with Shea, and when she ran away 3000 years ago, he had chosen to fallow her. By demon clan laws, it is forbiden for a servant to be in love with with some one if high status, so he left being a servant to become a Demon Lord him self. He is Loyal for her, but he is also loyal to the Chosens, and will forever aid the chosens when ever he is needed.
mnwolfboy wrote:

User Name: mnwolfboy
Birth Name: Shea Fangaurd
Alias: Shea
Age: Looks 20
Gender: Female
Race: Half Tiger Demon
Profession: Rogue Demon and Heir to be a Demon Lord of Tiger Clan
Alignment: Good
Likes: Flowers, She has a soft spot for kittens and puppies
Dislikes: Childish people, but also hates to be hit on and flirted with, and even messed with.
Weapon Skills: She used bows and her Katana that comes with her Armlet.
Equipment: Katana and Bow belonging to her mother and Necklace with pendant of her heritage.
Skills: She is fast, elegant, and swift.
Personality: Keeps to her self and can be very cold hearted, but she generally cares about everything and everyone and especially the lives of others but hides her affections and feelings.
Appearance: Her true form, she has tiger ears, and claws, but she has learned to develop a way to keep them hidden, and appear completely human. When she appear fully human her eyes are dark blue, but when she is in her demon form, she has emerald green eyes. Her hair in both forms, is a dark almsot black color, that shines crimson red, when the light shines on her long hair just right.
Biography: Shea chooses to keep her past a secret from others. Long ago her mother who was human was raped by a Tiger Demon Lord, and her mother gave birth to her and named her Shea. And she grew up not knowing her father and her demonic side. When she grew up in her teen years, and began to develop her demonic powers, she began to develop tiger ears, claws, and other demonic characteristics of her father, and learned of her demon origins. When this happened her father learned of her, and wanted her to come live with him and become heir of his Demon Lord powers. She refused, and her mother refused to give up her daughter, and this angered the Demon lords. A few months passed, and her mother began to develop a illness, and was throwing her insides out. When her mother had finally passed away, Shea decided to live with her power and develop her demonic origins. When she traveled to the Demon World, she had no friends and made friends with Garu a servant boy of her fathers. As time passed and she learned to use her power, she discovered that her father was responsible for her mother death, and learning this discovery she decided to run away forever. At this time she met a woman named Maggie, who was the first Chosen of the Tiger Spirit and became her new friend. She then had fallen in love with Dash but knew it could never be, and when Dash died, she took a vow to keep track and protect his blood line. 3000 years later, she now secretly watches over Brandon, the Heir of Dashes blood line and Armlet of the Wolf Spirit. She also allied with Izzie who is Chosen of the Bat Spirit
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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   Thu 5 May - 1:21

Name: Lilliana Gayline Brairewood
Alias: Lilly
Armlet: none
Age: 2300 (100=1)
Gender: female
Race: skunk Daemon
Profession: dancer
Alignment: neutral
Likes: most any music but leans more twards pop, country and songs/melodies from when she was younger and at home. to read when she has the time and is not working at the club or auditioning for dance parts which she has a passion for and is glad to have started working as a dancer. also likes to flirt and is quite taken with male foxes, enjoys it when it rains and walks in the park when she thinks of home.
Dislikes: persitant and rude people expecally males who want more than a friendship. any type of seafood. and really doesnt like spiders or a lot of crawling insects they creap her out.
Weapon Skills: was taught to use a lance when she was young but has long sinced picked one up to pratice, so she'd be a bit rusty if she'd ever have to use it for defense.
Skill: can dance most dances after being shown only a few times or less, sewing, cooking, along with her natural infused ability of wind, and was taught little of how to control it though.
Appearance/Equipment: long black hair with some the comes down over her right eye and blush splashed twards the end of it. depending on her mood on what she wears but generally skirts that are around knee length or shorter, verious in material. tank tops or shirts with a v cut neckline. her fur being a smokey black with touches of white on her stomach area, and a white star like on her forehead, and white stripe along her tail in a upside down u shape. and usually wears high heals.
Biography: Born to a low to middle class family, she was happy for the most part as a youngen, although no siblings there where plenty of other younsters to play with around where she grew up and things to do helping her parents wheather she liked to or not. Housework was not something she liked doing as any child and some adults go. As she grew older she had a love of dancing and did to the traditional dances in the village/town where she was raised, then as the times changed she managed finding work as a dancer here and there, her parents thankful that it was decent dancing. What money she made went to help the family for medical and rent that sort of stuff. As time went on her mother was the first to pass on from complications of a human illness they found out later was influenza. Was just her and her dad, as it came to present day. They lived in a nice home just outside of town,

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PostSubject: Re: ///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles   

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///The Darkened/// --- Character Profiles
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