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 ///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)

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PostSubject: ///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)   Sun 20 Dec - 17:02

City of Gods
<> Crystal Fate <>
Legend of the Ancients Story Arc (2000 BC Around)

The roleplay takes place in different Eras. There will be announcements when we do a generation jump. A date will be placed to give rpers time to finish up there story arcs and prepare for the next generation jump. Human characters can be reincarnated, or they may be allowed for a special circumstance to exist passed a normal human life span.

You can be any race! Deamons, Demi-Humans, Humans, Elves, Vampires, Ect. Its your choice!

Prelude:When Deamaria vanished, Deamons discovered that a hand full of guardians were too wiped out. Now seeking out into the human world to solve the mystery of what happened to Deamaria and to learn of there own fate in this world, they learn shortly that there epic story has only just begun, and must resolve with them selves to learn what it means to be a Deamon...

~!!Please be devoted to the RP, this is a Long Term RP!!~
~Please PM me the Profiles, PM must say "Crystal Fate" in the Title.
~Be as literate as possible.
~Keep all OOC Chat in (), []. {}
~All posts must include 3 sentences or more, nothing less unless its just a OOC.
~Please be polite and patient to others.
~Romance is welcome, just keep it PG-13
~Fallow Gaia ToS
~No Godmodding (This not only refers to the way to rp, but also refers to Goddy actions, and goddy characters period. NO Instant Healing, all powerful immortals, teleporting.. Ect.. Just seems like cheating. More fun without it.)
~No Flamming
~No Spamming
~Have fun! Any questions please PM me.
~Also if you need a recap or summary of what has happened so far and need help as to were to jump in feel free to PM me "mnwolfboy" or my friend "phantom_lad"
~Also Beware they Walk at midnight! O.O No seriously they do...! O.O
~And just have fun

RP Opened!
Will be adding more information later, so keep a look out.
5/1/09 - 6/1/09
Improvements made to the Roleplay Information
Terms and NPC List added
Announced First Generation Jump Warning for Friday the 5th
The First Generation Jump. Yay!
Made Improvements to page 1
Second Story Arc End and Jump Tonight
Updated Information in Page 1



<><><><><>(Story Information)<><><><><>
In a story spanning multiple Eras, there is a great mystery. Animal people called Deamons, once lived in a place called Deamaria, now completely gone, mysteriously engulfed by a unknown light, now seek the world of the humans in hopes for answers.

<><>History of Deamaria: Updated New Info...<><>
The Ancient Gods gave birth to Ancient Deamaria, and asked for deamons who were born to protect the mortal goddess as the Griffin wants her dead and had killed her twin, which made her mortal now, and that her power was held in the Crystal Dagger, whcih was split into five crystals. The Gods also gave five deamosn keys and called them the sages of the spirit world, and guardians of the Goddess. The Sages of the Deamon race were the only ones who had power over the elements that was supplied by the Five Crystals. The goddess one day fell inlove with one of the sages, the sage of fire, and became pregnant with his child. The other sages saw this and turned against the fire sage and the goddess, and so the Fire sage gave the goddess his key given fromt he gods and told her to flea for her safety and the childs. In the end, She excaped and gave brith to the first Demi-human, meanwhile the sages decided that all deamosn should have the power of the elements and so they split the five crystals creating 5 chaos elemental crystals, forming what deamons know today as the 10 seeds of creation, were the formed a new council and guardianship to protect the seeds of creation. Meanwhile the goddess in the out side world, was the begining of the castafire family... later in the years Deamaira was peaceful and full of beauty, and full of many cities and wonderful temples, and a huge tower that was known as the great tower of Deamaria. There Laws and Duties were to protect Deamaria from the out side world, not so much for there survival but to protect the Elemental Crystals, that they considered the gift of the Elementals, they believe as gods. Because of this, the laws forbid Deamons from leaving the land and into the outside world. But if a Deamon did leave through the Ancient Vail, they would forever be shunned, and not allowed to return. To reassure that the Deamaria was safe, they would choose a Mastered Adept of each element to become a Gaurdian. There duties would be to leave Deamaria and never return, but they would be honored instead of shunned. A guardians job was to prevent the out side world from ever finding Deamaria as well as keeping the shunned and other guardians from ever returning. If a gaurdian was to ever attempt to return, it was punishable by death and a great Sin. A war had occurred between deamons long ago, over the belief of living among humans. Many had died and much of the land fallen in ruins. But after so much blood shed, 5 legendary heroes, rose and died for the peace of Deamaria. As time passed and the lands became beautiful once again... Until fires from the sky rained down upon Deamaria and the outside world creating chaos, and a mysterious sound of singing that fallowed. And then finally the biggest event of all, Deamaria was engulfed by a light and vanished... Believed to be gone forever... Those who survived Deamaria and those that are guardians now question there duties

Deamons, not to be confused with "Demons" Are a Animal Humanoid race with elemental power fused into there blood by birth. They have the ability to create a illusion over them selves to appear human, although they can never be human. Other deamons can always see past this disguise, and in some special cases some human have the ability to see passed this disguise but are rare cases. It is also said if you were to touch a deamon, you will instantly see them by what they really look like. They also have a god like life span, were 100 years is one year to a deamon and it is said they are older then Humans, but once lived among humans. Deamons in Human form always have white hair. There is no buts, Deamons human illusion form always has white hair like snow. Because of the crystals of origin, Deamons consider them selves natural born adepts.

(Note: Deamons are not shape shifters, they can only appear like human, but if a person touches them they will feel and see them for what they really look like.)

A demi-human is the result of a Deamon Mating with a human. They often are born human but will usually have animal characteristics such as appearing human with wolf ears and wolf tail. Demi-Humans usually carry no power, unless they are fused with a Elemental force at birth like normal Deamon Kin. Demi-Humans are usually frowned upon by Humans and Deamons alike, and are considered Mutts. Demi-Humans usually have white hair, but can also have normal human color hair. They also normally have a human lifespan, sometimes there life span is are half that of a deamon, but very few. Demi-Humans can not be Guardians and They do not have the natural the ability to create a illusion like Deamons can. But if a Demi-Human has the elemental Power they can master the ability and be able to summon a Golem. Even though Demi-humans currently can not become a guardian, later in the story it will change. They can not become a gaurdian currently because the prejudice against them.

<><>About the Guardian Adepts:<><>
In order to make sure the Shunned and the Outsiders never return or find the land of origin, Ten Guardians, masters of one of the each elements are chosen to leave the land and protect the land. Unlike the Shunned they are honored to leave, and praised. It is a great honor to be a Guardians , but also a curse, for they them selves are also forbidden to return. When a Guardian dies a message is sent to the Elders by special trained birds and then the elders choose a new gaurdian of that elements, Guardians are given a necklace with a piece from one Crystals of Origin of there Element as a reminder of there duty and what they are protecting. These elemental crystals also grants the Guardian protection from that element and a elemental power boost.

<><>About the Elders:<><>
Eleven Elders are chosen by the people of deamaria to govern them. They govern the laws and all of deamaria, and each elder have to be a master of there element. There can only be one elder of each element, the 11th the only acceptation as the 11th is the high elder. The high elder is picked out differently, when deamaria decides to choose new elders, they choose 1 old elder to become the high elder, so he may govern the new ten elders. Generally Elders are picked every 1000 years, and sometimes a high elder may continue to remain a high elder for a few more thousands of years if believed to be worthy.

<><>About Golems:<><>
Although Deamons can be powerful with there elemental ability alone, in order to be considered for being a Guardian or Elder, they have to be able to call there elemental spirit, which is the source of there very power. A golem is the embodiment of a Deamons power and life force. They become powerful weapons in battle, and are very useful, but a deamon must know when it is the best time to summon a golem and when to un-summon a golem. If a golem becomes harmed the summoner will feel its pain. Some times the pain is too intense and the summoner faints. To be a guardian you must be able to Master the Pain as well, for fainting in battle can cost them there life. If a golem is not un-summed and becomes destroyed, the deamons power vanishes, leaving the deamon vulnerable. It takes a months time to recover all of the deamons power again.

They can be summoned for the first time, when the spirit of your element feels you have mastered enough of your power, it will want you to speak its name. Kind of like the castafire key with Kaylay, it spoke to her, same with golems. Mastery of the element is more so mastery of control. You can be a master of your element and still learn new things with it later, its all about control. If you are worthy it will tell you its name so you can summon it. Although in some circumstances in great times of need a non-mastered can summon a golem to help them, but will not tell you its name unless it knows you can fully control your own power will it ever speak its name.

<><>Oddity of the Elements:<><>
There is a special state in deamons, were they require almost every ounce of power and energy. When this happens the Deamons eyes usual flash a different color and special marks appear on a deamons body in both human illusion form and in true form. This is often called a rage state or rage mode. Often when this occurs it does take a toll on the deamons body, and is common for nose bleeds, sudden blindness, falling ill or unconscious, and some occasions even death. Often the deamons Golem if summoned out will also suffer. Also in this state, depending on the emotional state of the Deamon, they can become uncontrollable, and over come with power, and literally go into a frenzy!

Rage/Spirit Mode
For deamons infused with the power of one of the five spirit elements, will usually have there eyes flash bright blue, green, purple, and sometimes white all together. Lines that appear on a deamons body usually are the same color as there raged eye color.

Rage/Chaos Mode
For deamons fused with the power of one of the chaos elements, will usually have there eyes flash bright red, orange, yellow, and sometimes black all together. Lines that appear on a deamons body usually are the same color as there raged eye color.

(Note: That those are the usual colors that appear for chaos and spirit adept deamons. There is sometimes other colors.)

~Leaving the Land of Origin if you are not a Guardian is forbidden. Punishable by being Shunned and forbidden to return forever.
~Guardians are forbidden to return to Deamaria and any attempt is Punishable by death. This is considered a great Sin.
~Playing God is also considered disgraceful, and is frowned upon by many deamons. But there are those who choose to reveal them selves to humans and because of there power and there incredible life span, they choose to pose as gods. Some for good purpose and others for selfish reasons. There is no real law against it, and thus is not punishable accept considered dishonorable.

<><>Seeds of Creation:<><>
There are ten crystals, no one really knows were they came from but it is believed they came from the sky and created the world. Five crystals represent the elements of Spirit, the other five represent the Elements of Chaos.

Five Crystals of Spirit:

Five Crystals of Chaos:

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)   Sun 20 Dec - 17:17

<><><><><><>Terms and References:<><><><><><>
Sayons: They are a group of Dragon Slayers with the power to fully control beasts called Vigerage. They worship the Lost God, Griffin of Darkness. And with Dragons and Ancients almost all wiped out believing they are eliminated, they are now power hungry and seek to control all nations.

Castafire Key: It is a pink crystal with the castafire crest engraved inside it as well as old deamaria symbols inside it. Kaylay discovered that she was the keeper of the key and in the end of the 1st story arc, the key spoke to her and told her to make a wish to save her friends, and so she did but at the cost of her life, as it made her age into a old woman and soon after died of age. The Griffin god desired Kaylay and the key to be used to release the griffin seal to free the Ancient Griffin god but the keys true purpose is still unknown.

Raisaqua Key: This key resembles the castafire key only it is blue and has a different crest and set of Old Deamarian writing engraved inside it. Zean currently has it, and its true purpose is also unknown, but possibly has a slightly different purpose then the castafire key.

Deamaricon: This book is a old deamarian book, although there were many copies written, the one in guardians position is the original copy, and holds secrets that no other copy has. The book has normal deamarian writing in it but burned into what was once blank pages is old deamarian writing. Also written inside the book in Deamon blood was "What once came from the heavens shall return to the heavens.. and the gates of the goddess will shine and bring together the five sacred families destined to fall. Pyro, Areo, Aqua, Geo, and Anima."
( A update on rules, please PM first about Old Deamarian language, if you wish it to be known by your character or if you wish your character to learn it. I have significant reason for this. Thank you. ^_^ ~Mnwolfboy)

Eye of the Phoenix: This object is a flat round glass object that has old deamarian writing etched onto it saying "When the light from the seeds of creation illuminate the eye of truth, it shall reveal the secrets of the book of wisdom." The object was found inside the cover of the original Deamaricon by the high elder, and then was found again by Dameon in the remains of Deamaria, and now Zean holds on to it. Zean currently being the only person known to be able to read Old Deamarian.

Ancients: [i]They are also known as the Dragon people. They have the power of Dragon Speech, a near telepathic language to speak to dragons. They also can perform dragon magic. There numbers are very few now, due to the Sayons growth in power.
Ancients more described are people who can perform dragon magic and speak to dragons, no other race is capable of speaking the same tongue as a dragon, its similar to a telepathic language as a Ancient can talk to a dragon at a certain distance with out verbally saying anything. Also Pure-Ancients are born with a mark, said to be the symbol of the gods. Sayons were able to determine if some one was a ancient by looking for that mark. Why so many Ancients were slaughtered so easily. Then there are the half-ancients or called Sub-Ancients, they are part Ancient and part normal human, or part other race, anything that has a bit of ancient in them is called a sub-ancient. They are not born with the mark but are still capable of Dragon Speech and performing dragon magic.

Vigerage: These beasts resemble Dragons accept they are amphibious, with black leathery skin, dead looking eyes that almost go into there eye sockets, produce a white milky slime that comes out of there mouth, nostrils, and eyes, they have many rows of teeth, jagged horns, and they have a tongue that can whip out of there mouth like a frogs. They also produce a highly poisonous venom. A Vigerages venom is most dangerous to dragons because one bite is said to kill a dragon almost instantly. The venom can spitted as it can also be injected by bite. To humans the poison will start by slowly paralyzing the body, at the same time slowly deteriorate the insides as it burns the blood, eventually the victim will suffer from hallucinations and become weak, before becoming fully paralyzed and then death, but Vigerage are also highly unintelligent, making them vulnerable to mind control, a gift that sayons have over vigerages.

Deamon: Animal People. They can stand on twos and have a anthropomorphic figure, but are animal like. (Read the Deamon section for more information)

Demi-Humans: Half Deamon and Half Human. (Read Demi-Human Section for more details.)

Legend of the Four Gods: (A Ancients (Dragon People) Legend)
Once there was the four gods of creation. There was the Dragon of light, who brought peace and harmony across the lands.. The Phoenix of Knowledge who gave wisdom and Intelligence to all life. The unicorn of Judgment, who gave the world a chance to walk there own path in life, and to choose and make choices. And the there was the Griffin of Darkness... He kept balance between this world and the world of the spirits.. He went insane and so the dragon, phoenix, and unicorn, sealed him away for all eternity... But there was now a broken cycle of life between here and the spirit world.. And so the great gods passed the griffins power to five sages. But because the spirits relied heavily on have four gods, now losing the griffin, they went into a eternal sleep, but before doing so, they gave birth to dragons and gave there last gift to a tribe (becoming Ancients), the gift of dragon speech. The griffin became so in raged, and wanted his power back so badly, he feasted off the fears of man, who began to fear dragons and the wisdom of the Ancients... And so the griffin answered there prayers and granted them power to slay dragons and gave birth to Vigerages... and made them stupid and weak minded, so Sayons could manipulate them and use them as a weapons...

<><>NPC List:<><>
(Adding more descriptions later)
King Tanar: A evil Sayon who took the thrown the Castafire Family Kingdom. He planned on getting the keeper of the Castafire key to release the seal to free the griffin of darkness.

Kaylay: She is of the Castafire family and holds the power of using the Castafire key.

Kon: He is a badger Deamon who is Gaurdian of Earth. He summons a Golem named Goliath, that normally takes the shame of a massive badger and sometimes a shelled reptile similar to a Turtle and a massive lizard.

Shara: She is a wolf deamon who is Gaurdian of Light. Her Golem takes the shape of a Large Lion with Wings, and in small form a Glowing Moth. Her Golems name is Mira.

Dameon: He is a Tiger Deamon who is Gaurdian of Fire. His Golem is a Massive Serpant named Ragonis

Fral: She is a Panther Deamon who has the element of Fire. She also played as a false goddess who turned out to be working for the sayons. Her Golem is the shape of a Vigerage.

Ancient One: A old fox deamon who was a high elder of Deamaria who was murdered by the elder Zean.

Zean: He was a elder of fire, who murdered Bane and the Ancient one in order to cover a old Deamarian secret.

Bane: Bane was elder of shadow, who was murdered by Zean because he knew the old deamrian secret and believed that the people of Deamaria deserved to know the truth.

Ryu: Ryu is a old Ancient, who is friends with Rune. He and his dragon Vega died to protect Rune, Silvian, Todd, Rexus, Kaylay, Ardan, Shara, and who ever name I might have forgotten to put up.

Elly:She is the reincarnation of Kaylay, she was captured by Grias' tribe and they were going to kill her in front of her family. Reasons will be explained later.

Sygus: This old turtle is one of the survivors from when Old Deamaria had vanished. He is in his late 7000's and had the elemental of Water as well as the Elder of Water in the Council of NEW Daemaria.

Sian: She is a old Fox in her late 6000's, she has element of Ice, and is the Ice Elder of NEW Daemaria.

Grias: He is a Black Wolf who leads a tribe of Anti-human deamons. His Element is Air, and he summons a Massive Draconic beast named Tyrin!

Hugaa: He is a coyote deamon who is part of Grias' Tribe, and had a real talent of getting into trouble and getting drunk. His element is Ice and his Golem is is a massive winged ice dragon, named Rai-Ku.

Ren: Ren is a female lion deamon who also is part of Grias' Tribe. She is a Fire Elementalist, and her Golem is a Phoenix like bird named Espara!

Nyan: Nyanis a female Fox deamon who also is part of Grias' Tribe. She is a Rock Elementalist, and her Golem is a Boar like Beast named Dengado!

Ralu: Mysterius powerful Bear Daemon, who element is Shadow. He is part of Zean's group.
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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)   Thu 31 Dec - 15:09

<><><><><>(Special Positions)<><><><><>
(And Special Information)
Note to all, here is the current rules about guardians and elder positions, They are available to be reserved, later in the story you can then fill in those positions. Just PM to reserve a slot. At moment in the storyline, no demi-human would be thought to be a guardian or a Elder do to common deamon prejudice against demi-humans, but even if you are a demi-human go ahead and reserve a slot! Because later in story those stereotypes against demi-humans might just go away :p. Just PM me for details!

<><>Gaurdian Positions:<><>
Positions will be available later in the story. PM Me for details and I will reserve a spot for you.
Fire: Taken / Dameon - Tiger (NPC)
Water: Taken / Silvian Vann - Leopard (Mnwolfboy)
Earth: Taken / Kon - Badger (NPC)
Air: (Available, PM me for Details)
Light: Taken / Shara - White Wolf (NPC)
Lightening: Taken /Rune - White Tiger (NPC)
Ice:Taken / Aturok -Jackal (Jerron_silvermoon)
Force: (Available, PM me for Details)
Rock: Dead (Available, PM me for Details)
Darkness: (Available, PM me for Details)

<><> Elder Positions:<><>
Elders Will be available later on in story. PM me for details! I can reserve a position.
Fire: Taken/ Zean - Snow Leopard (NPC) (Current Status Unknown)
Water: Taken/ Sygus - Turtle (NPC)
Earth: (Available, PM me for Details)
Air: Free (Current Status Unknown)
Light: Free (Current Status Unknown)
Lightening: (Available, PM me for Details)
Ice: Taken/ Sian- Fox (NPC)
Force: Free (Current Status Unknown)
Rock: Free (Current Status Unknown)
Darkness: Reserved for Future Use (Bane - Tiger (NPC) (Murdered by Zean))
High Elder:Reserved for Future Use (Ancient One or Grandfather - Fox -Earth (NPC) (Murdered by Zean))

(Note: When a Deamon says a spell they say it out loud in a form of a prayer usually to there Elemental Spirit. Example: "Oh great mistress of ice, show them your strength, and the power of your bite, i give you a name, I give you a name, Sapphire queen of the arctic winds!" A golem appears. This is only a example.)

(You do not need to be a guardian or a elder to be a Deamon Character, but a guardian and a Elder is a limited position! Note: That the taken positions will become available in time, because when one elder or guardian is lost, then they look for a new to take there place.)

<><><><><>(Roleplay Pictures)<><><><><>
(Roleplay Related Pictures)
If you have any pictures of scenes or anythign that looks like it fits into the Rp and you want it posted PM then to me as "Crystal Fate Pictures" And add a brief summary about the picture and/or why you want it posted.It can be a picture you made or found on the internet. I will add them here. Also if you have a picture that would make a good Title Banner for the RP I will give you 2K Prize for it! (Must be a Roleplayer of this RP for this to apply.)


"This is a good picture I thought that matched Silvian and Zean I found. Zean is the Snow leopard in red armor (left) and Sivlain is the leopard in Blue armor. (right)
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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)   

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///City of Gods/// (Story Guide)
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