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 Elemental Tides: The Saga Begins

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PostSubject: Elemental Tides: The Saga Begins   Mon 25 Jan - 15:33

The Unrest. It was a time of war, death, and sadness. The nations of Kolleen, Ragnel, Shunsan, and Minku fought continuously for nearly a century. Their Weapons?
Dragons represtented their unique elements, with some powerful enough to control their respective sub-elements.
After nearly a century of non-stop violence, the planet nor the people could fight much longer. Finally, a rider came foward with his dragon, systematically disabeling each country's military.
His name is Kivan (Key-van).
To this day he holds power over all. Dragons are rare. Riders have been labled 'warmongers. Those who are born with the marks of the Riders are cast out at best, killed at worst.
Although there are some that are rebelling against Kivan. They have an area to themselves, which remains unknown. They call themselves Arinent Coven.

Since then, a girl with long purple hair has been looking around for other riders to cease the fighting and to show that not all riders are warmongers.

Elemental Dragons That Are Known:

Shockdrive Dragon: A yellow scaled dragon with light orange roots. It breathes in air and uses static electricity to send shockwaves through the Air.

Crackfire Dragon: The Heroine of the story's dragon. Her name being Serenity. A dragon with Silver scales and red/yellow and orange scale roots. It breathes in air and uses the bags in its throat to generate heat. It then blows out flames that melt even boulders. This dragon has a mild temperment and usually likes to play around a bit.

Aquarius Dragon: A light blue dragon with cyan colored roots. It dwells in the water but does take to the skies. Cause torrential rains and also causes Tsunamis.

Frostbite Dragon: A white scaled dragon with broad spikes down the spine. It breathes in the air, turning the air around the dragon cold. Breathing, the dragon lets out a wind of below freezing temperatures with small shards of ice.

Krate Dragon: A earth colored dragon. It has dark brown scales with light brown roots. The tips of the spines are a light green color with molten colored eyes. It rocks the ground with its feet as it walks.

Silvertounge Dragon: A light orange scaled dragon with pale colored eyes. It cares more to stay in its own hiding place rather than fight. It gives advice to other riders. But when provoked, this dragon unleashes a beam of energy from its mouth.

Windgrown Dragon: A dragon that controls the winds. It has a small temperment problem but is useful when it comes to fighting. It creates small tornadoes with its large, parchment colored wings. Its scales are a dark blue with milk white roots. Its eyes are a light whitish blue.

Seraphilunara Dragon: This dragon is a pure white celestial dragon with horns that circle back almost forming a circle. It is also a symbiotic dragon meaning it must join its life force with persons in order to live and share the same body. When needed it will reveal its true self and use its power. It has powers to bend light, allowing him to produce many forms of shields or forcefields. This dragon can also produce a powerful light beam. This dragon can not stay in a physical state for very long as it weakens it. This dragon then recovers in its riders body. It also has full communication with its rider at all times. And because of its life force being joined with its riders, they both feel each others pain, so if one gets hurt they both are, and if one dies they both die. (only mnwolfboy may use this dragon type)

Profile Skeletons!

Profile Skele!!!

Well here is a profile skeleton. I love to have character profiles that are semi long because it gives the person who reads it a generalization of how the character acts and whatnot. Also! I am only allowing 5 Riders as they are rare!! ^^

Current Postions Open For Riders

1. Kakita Tsubeko: Fire Rider; Crackfire Dragon named Serenity (Luna-Silvermoon)
2. Silvian Vaan: Celestial Rider; Seraphilunara Dragon named Coragem (mnwolfboy)

Other Alias:
Rider or Not:
Dragon Type:
Dragon Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Fighting style:
Status: Single
Criminal Record:
Blood Type:
Bio / Past:



Name: Kakita Tsubeko
Other Alias: Tsu-chan
Age: unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 136lbs
Race: Elven
Rider or Not: Rider
Dragon Type: Crackfire
Dragon Name: Serenity
Hair Color: purple
Eye Color: crimson red
Gender: female
Build: toned
Food: anything with Vorack meat
Drink: ale!
Likes: cool breezes
Dislikes: people who are quick to temper
Fighting style: hand to hand, sword fighting
Learning: self taught
Status: Single
Occupation: none at the current moment
Association: none
Criminal Record: so much you couldn't keep track xP
Blood Type: AB Pos.
Family: deceased
Father: deceased
Mother: deceased
Sister: deceased
Abilities: can manipulated fire, speak to other dragons and riders telepathically
Weapons: Gauntlets and Greeves
Equipment: everything in a normal traveling bag
Bio / Past: Unknown to her
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Elemental Tides: The Saga Begins
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