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 The Legend of the Black Fox

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PostSubject: The Legend of the Black Fox   Mon 25 Jan - 15:45

This is the adventure of a group of people. Questing for glory, for fame, and for the fate of their world. To find the Legendary Black Fox of the prophecy. Obstacles in their paths make for a difficult journey. Love, betrayal, lies, deceit, passion. All parts of this journey.


1. Horínbãrgen

2. Drãkenbãrg

3. Ãlí'eresíã

4. Kãlíren

5. ðãkílãr


1. Haung-yian

2. Gauh-Mio

3. Marig-horian

4. Diseriancore

5. Wyrnvien

Rulers of the Empires:

1. Emperor Jurian Curenai - Praseo

2. Dowager Empress Miisian Gravian - Aardrainian

3. Emperor Aust Lorkadian - Elerian

4. Emperor Saidei Pûrkarian - Vizack

5. Dowager Empress Korien Dëisai - Maricovian


1. Elerian:

This race of significantly graceful and rapid movements seemed to be a bit similar to the Elves of modern literature. This race is one of 5 races in the land of Allesia. They have slightly long faces, slight tanned skin color, milk white eyes (although it can vary between violet, crimson and silver), and black hair. The Elerians specialize in their chakra, or chi as it is called in Haung-Yian. Some foreigners call it Life Energy or Astral Energy, meaning energy from the heavens. Using it for defense, offense and physicianing. Elerians were born and raised to be in the Mistrophic Clan, being as they love nature and animals as much as they love themselves. A key ability known by the Elerians is their ability to transform into Foxes. All Elerians transform into white foxes, although the one from the prophecy, is said to transform into a black fox.

2. Praseodymium

An ancient race. This race looks and acts like a human. The males are broad shouldered, arrogant and decieving while the females are fragile, smaller statures and well behaved. Some males and females do not fit this normal stereotype while most of them do. Praseoes do not have the ability to change, as their ancestors decided against it. They can go to any Clan they desire considering that most Praseoes are capable of any task.

3. Maricove

The sea dwellers. Maricoves have rather large, bulbous eyes, humanoid body structure, webbed fingers and toes, a long slender tail with a bluish see-through fins and small gills behind the ears. The gills can move and transform as they go to their humanoid form. Making the Moricoves capable of breathing the air on the surface. They are the more intellectual type. The only race more intellectual than the Maris, are the Aardrainians. This race can transform into any sea- dwelling creature they desire while the clan of choice is the Aerianatic Clan.

4. Vizack

Bog dwellers. Those who linger in the shadows of the night and walk in the light of the moon. Long, sharp fangs pertrude from the mandibles of this race. Vampires of Allesia. A race on a road to extinction, just like the Praseoes. They have obsidian skin, deep and dark lavender eyes with jet black hair with silver tips. They normally wear long black cloaks with the hoods over their heads. Lights do not bother the Vizack, but their eyes cannot take the intensity of the lights. This race prefers to be part of the Darkien and Rynicar clans.

5. Aardrainian

The race of winged beings. Looking a lot like Praseoes and Elerian children. The only difference is they have long white wings with black roots. Intelligence is the main thing the Aardrianians count on. Wits and wisdom. Most Aardrianians are scholars and writers. Some belong to the Prectorian Clan, political beings and dictators of the Congress like gathering that happens every 200,000 years. 1 member of the Prectorian clan is with every Emperor or Dowager Empress as they call an heir to their thrones. Aardrainians have smooth, pale skin, white wings with black roots, long silver hair with a few strands of black on the bangs, voices like soft feathers, and elegance almost to the degree that the Elerians are.


1. Darkien

Those taken into the Darkien Clan are considered prodigies of thievery. They become master thieves or assassins. The current head of the Darkien Clan is a Praseo named Märius Heriod.

2. Mistrophic

Those taken into the Mistrophic Clan are those who love nature and animals as they love each other. Like Druids and Rangers of modern myths and legends, they have the power to heal with the use of Natural Sources. The current leader of the Mistrophic Clan is an Elerian named Gertrude Narrybumber.

3. Aerianatic

This is the clan of Mystics and Oracles. A clan based on the workings of prophecy and scholar works. They sit and study it, as well as the scroll of prophecy made by ancient scholars. The robes of this clan are blue and silver, with a white base. The current leader of this clan is a Maricovian named Kieran Moynian.

4. Rynicar

This is the clan of the Barbarians if you would. They pillage homes and farms. Bandits if you could also call them that. They murder people and take what they want. The current leader here is a Praeso named Taisuke.

5. Prectorian

The clan of political beings. They are the ones who are the advisers of the Royal families of the land of Allesia. Prectors have helped shape the land as they advised the many Emperors and Dowager Empresses of this land. The current leader here is an Aardrainian named Koriu Tarian.

History and the Prophecy:

The history of this land is plain and simple. Wanderers from other places and times, called upon the heavens. Worshiping Gods and ideals. They then created a society. Something that most people would consider unworthy for thought. Seeing this, a pair of each race was selected from the elder, making sure it was a man and a woman. No matter the sexual preference. If the man wanted a man and he was chosen, he was forced to mate with the woman to make her pregnant. Then once this was over, the man could go back, but that didn't always happen. Most of the time the men who were turned on by other men had mated with a woman, he preferred her instead. Like he had just had his eyes opened up. Same went with the women who preferred other women. So the races became as they are now, making the countries, empires and clans.

The prophecy on the other hand, was something that not even the eldest of the Mystics could understand.

"The one who shall make all the clans

races, and empires whole;

shall be the one who can become the black fox of legends.

Having done this;

the one shall go on a journey to find the ones that are alike

making this journey shall be the test of the heavens

making sure that the one of legends shall be that "One"

A boy shall be found, capable of taming the wild fox;

keeping the fox in tune with everything that the fox has and making sure that the fox stays alive.

Having yet to realize this, the boy will come when a time of war is upon the land of Allesia."

That is the prophecy in which the story of a young girl, born into the lands of Horínbãrgen, an Elerian named Lurcrecia Lorian. Let's tell her story of deceit, lies, betrayal, love and friendship.

Profile Skeleton!!!! ^ ^

I understand that it's huge and whatnot, but I love reading detailed characters. Also, putting a lot of detail in your character makes for a good picture in your mind of what he/she looks like ^^
Please PM me with your character made for me to look at before jumping in ^^ Thanks!! At this current moment I am only accepting 5 characters. Once the journey progresses and I have dedicated roleplayers, I'll allow more. I hope you guys can understand ^ ^ thank you very much. Plus this is my first time making my own roleplay thread. So bare with me ^ ^

Current Spots:

1. Lucrecia Lorien (Luna-Silvermoon)

2. Reserved

3. Reserved



Other Alias:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Fighting style:
Status: Single
Criminal Record:
Blood Type:
Bio / Past:



Name: Lucrecia Lorien
Other Alias: Lu
Age: 23
Height: 5'5
Weight: 136lbs
Race: Elerian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: crimson
Gender: female
Build: toned
Apperance: black tanktop, black baggy pants, black knee high boots
Food: mostly anything
Drink: ale
Likes: being in the forest
Dislikes: noisey people
Fighting style: hand to hand, fencing
Learning: self taught
Status: Single
Occupation: none
Association: neutral
Criminal Record: n/a
Blood Type: AB Positive
Family: Unknown
Father: Missing
Mother: Deceased
Sister: Deceased
Abilites: Unknown to her at this point
Weapons: her fists and a rapier
Equipment: the normal travel gear
Bio / Past: Unknown to her at this point
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The Legend of the Black Fox
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