Ye Shall Be As Gods
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 ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles

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PostSubject: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Tue 20 Oct - 2:48

<><><><><>(Profile Section)<><><><><>
This is a spot for me to post every ones profiles. All Profiles will be listed here, but first you must PM me the Profiles. Please read 1st post rules for more information.

<><>Profile Template<><>
(You can change and add or edit the template at any time, this template is made under the assumption the character is going to be a Deamons, you will have to change some things from the template for Demi-Human, Humans, and other races. You can be any race you wish, Elf, Dragon, Drow, Ect. Even Demons or Angels.. Keep in mind Demons and Deamons are two different things.)

[b]User Name:[/b] (Gaia Name)
[b]Birth Name:[/b] (Name given to your character at Birth)
[b]Chosen Name:[/b] (Name you prefer to go by.
[b]Age: [/b](Deamons age 1 year every 100 years)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male, Female, Both O.o)
[b]Race: [/b](What Animal Humanoid are you?)
[b]Elemental Force:[/b] (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness, Ice, Rock, Force, or Lightening)
[b]Elemental Skill Level:[/b] (Basic, Skilled, Master In training, or Mastered)
[b]Profession:[/b] (Elder(Mastered), Guardian(Mastered), Rogue, Peasant, ect)
[b]Alignment: [/b](good, Lawful Good, Netural, Evil, Chaotic Evil, Ect)
[b]Likes:[/b] (What your character Likes)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (What your character Dislikes)
[b]Weapon Skills:[/b] (Weapons your skilled at using if any)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (What character is normally wearing.)
[b]Skills:[/b] (What your character is good at)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Characters Personality)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What your character looks like)
[b]Biography:[/b] (What makes your character Tick!)
[i]Elemental Masters Only[/i]
[b]Golem Name:[/b] (Mastered Only)
[b]Golems Gender:[/b] (Male, Female, Asexual, It? O.o)
[b]Golem Likes:[/b] (What your golem likes)
[b]Golem Dislikes:[/b] (What your golem Dislikes)
[b]Golem's Personality:[/b] (What your Golems Personality is like)
[b]Golem's Appearance:[/b] (What your Golem looks like)

<><>Official Profiles<><>
mnwolfboy wrote:
User Name:mnwolfboy
Birth Name:Silvian Vann
Chosen Name:Silvian
Age: 2262
Race: Deamon/Leopard
Elemental Force: Water
Elemental Adept Skill Level: Master Adept
Alignment: Lawful Good
Likes: Enjoys the sight and smell of flowers, finds human females attractive, but prefers to keep to self. He finds practicing his fighting skills relaxing and he enjoys to meditate and sending prayers to his father who was a war hero. Loves meat.
Dislikes:Deamons who pretends to be gods and interfere with human civilization. Hates eating green vegetables.
Weapon Skills: Skilled with a katanas and has allot of practice with long swords and short swords, and spears. He prefers the katana and the spear.
Equipment: Carries a katana, and a dagger with him.
Skills: He not only a master of his element, but he is highly skilled with his golem, making his golem his favorable weapon and ally.
Personality: He thinks he is the best because of his honorable heritage and because he grew up in a noble family. He later learns he needs to rely on other allies and eventually loses his old attitude.
Appearance: He is a yellow leopard with big ringed spots ice blue eyes , he has a ex shaped scar on his chest and wears a necklace with his family crest on it. His human form, he has white hair ice blue eyes just liek his true form, and is white with a light tan.

Biography: Born of noble blood, he tries to to fallow in his fathers footsteps, and becomes a guardian. It is the soon the start of the ceremony were the becomes a guardian and leaves the land of origin forever.
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Coragem
Golems Gender: Male
Golem Likes: Toying with Human Soldiers
Golem Dislikes: Anything Ice or Cold
Golem's Personality: Great Fighter but likes to fool around.
Golem's Appearance: Looks like a water blobbing mass, with arms. and usually devours stones, mud, and jagged pieces to give it a skeleton and powerful impact against enemies.

mnwolfboy wrote:
User Name:mnwolfboy
Birth Name: Rune Zan
Chosen Name: Rune
Age: 2086
Gender: Male
Race: Deamon - White Tiger
Elemental Force: Lightening
Elemental Skill Level: Mastered Adept
Profession: Wanderer / Plays God
Alignment: Lawful - Neutral
Likes: Beautiful Woman and Often times Hansom Men, Getting into trouble, Magic, and likes to flirt.
Dislikes: He hates it when he is discluded, ignored, and really hates it when no one listens to him.
Weapon Skills: He knows magic and he is highly skilled with a bow.
Equipment: A large Bow he carries on his back, and he doesn't use arrows, he uses his own power to create bolts of lightening.
Skills: Skilled at using lightning arrows, magic, shape shifting, and surprisingly cooking, skilled fighter.
Personality: Likes to have fun, a flirt sometimes, and cane be sometimes anxious, on the other hand he can also be gentle in nature, but get him mad and you will want to stay out of his way.
Appearance: He has green eyes in both of his forms and when he uses his Rage they turn red and red tattoo like lines appear on both his forms.

Biography:When he was born he was fused with lightening by the elders of Deamaria, but then something happened were his parents were forced to leave Deamaria, and so he grew up in the out side world. When he at age around 700, his parents were murdered and died to protect him. He then grew up as a out cast on humanity and eventually discovered how to use his power and a spirit came to him and he learned to summon a golem. He then began to live among humans pretending to be a god with his power, so he could live among man and not be a outcast. Power went to his head, and so he began to enjoys being worshiped and served like a god. Once he met Silvian, he had turned away from playing god and had a crush on Silvian for a while. Now he jsut tries his best to help out, but often times he feels like he is out of place with the gaurdians and new Deamaria.
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Glade
Golems Gender: Male
Golem Likes: Keep Rune company and likes attention
Golem Dislikes: When Rune plays god
Golem's Personality: Usually always calm and playful
Golem's Appearance: Takes the form of a small white cat, and in fights he changes into a white tiger, and sometimes his true form which he is completely made of focused electrical energy.

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Sun 20 Dec - 18:10

User Name: Jerron_Silversun
Birth Name: Aturok Gran
Chosen Name: Aturok
Age: 1798 (Deamons age 1 year every 100 years)
Gender: male
Race: Jackel
Elemental Force: Ice
Elemental Skill Level: skilled
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: being with his own kind,cold drinks
Dislikes: those who belive thier better then him
Weapon Skills: Spear
Equipment: normal clothes and armor he has two silver bands that go along the inside of his hand each band attached with darkblue stones known as ice onyx the stines are acually a stone found in the far north it has the ability to contained cold tempratures and preserve it through anything Aturok also carrys a pouch of them on his belt and uses them to summon Polara
Skills: tracking
Personality: rather protective of his friends hes always looking for a good fight
Appearance: short black fur with a brown stripe along his back
Biography:born from not so wealthy parents Aturok spend his life as a farmer helping keep the crops growing to keep the others fed he often plays around with his element and begins to do do well at it and eventually took up training to be a guardian to give honor to his family name and finds out more about thier history
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Polara
Golems Gender:Female
Golem Likes:Aturok,to make it snow
Golem Dislikes: fire,warm temprature warm thoughs warm tea hot coffee
Golem's Personality: shes usually friendly she takes a shape of Aturoks kind to be more compatible with him but somtimes when shes upset she can be just as cold as she is
Golem's Appearance: she takes the form of frost that is shaped like a female Jackel she has dark blue eyes and is able to take a solid ice form or somtimes grows solid armor around her frost form

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Thu 31 Dec - 0:10

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rexus Revask

User Name: Zrgal
Birth Name: Rexus Venial Revask
Chosen Name: Rex or Rexus
Age: 2900 years old. ((Physically he is 58))
Gender: male
Race: Demi-Human Fox
Elemental Force: Fire Lightning
Elemental Skill Level: Mastered Fire.Master in training:lightning
Profession: Fire Elder
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Daemons that don’t call him mutt, a good read, and respecting the wood.
Dislikes: Inequality, being called mutt and fire hound. Any type of Prejudice
Weapon Skills: Sword and cain
Equipment: He can be found, wearing a red robe and a wooden cain with etchings in the wood..
Skills: Rexus is perficient in forcing his will over someones mind, haveing fully developed his p.k abilities, he has become a master at both of his elements and his mind
Personality: Rexus is always caring and always nice. Thinking about others rather than himself. Rexus does have a habit to be hasty and to charge into fights . . . especially when it comes to his friends. He is still the same old self, though a bit of his energy has dissapeared

Biography: Rexus was born under his loving father and mother. His father being a human king and his mother being a Daemon Fire wielder. When Rexus was born His mother sealed inside him a crystal of fire, as well as a seal to protect him from using it at a young age. The family would not live happily for long, this they knew. So the king gave Rexus over to his best friend and commander Duchak.

Duchak fled the west Kingdom and headed towards the east, not ever looking back at the kingdom he knew would one day be burned and pillaged. Duchak was gifted with the ability of long life and was able to raise Rex out on a farm in Vurok, only thirty miles from the Veil that separated Dramoria from the human lands. It was there that Rex would grow up.
Though Rexus was now 848 years old, and growing to be a fine young man on the farm with Duchak. . . his life would take a sudden turn. Rexus and Duchak where attacked one day by Daemons clad in red armor. Duchak was slain with his own sword and Rexus who was ran through by Duchak's sword was left to die, his left eye scarred by a tiger Daemons claw mark. Rexus was meant to die that day . . . but he did not, for someone had been watching . . . someone who would one day teach Rexus all he knew about the art of the sword and wood, as well as everything that Rexus would one day use.
Rexus left eye was healed, but the scare on his stomach and eye still remain, as a reminder of why he went out into the world . . . to find the Daemons clad in red armor, and kill them with Duchak’s sword.

Rexus has laid down his sword and had begun a new life with Gayle. Though she treats him like a brother Rex cant help but feel envious of his relationship. Rex hides the fact that he likes Gayle but he only shows the kindness only a brother could give.

Rexus lives with Gayle, tending the garden and speaking to the nature. At times Rexus would sit out on the roof and cast protective charms. . .to ensure that no evil got into Gayle’s glade.


Rex had spent his years, poundering over the death of his friends, thinking that grias had killed them, he vowed to stop grias and kill him. He was caged, and enslaved in the castles dungions for many a year, till one day he broke out. . . and escaped. He has joined up with the rebel organisation. . and had been asked and granted the statues of grand fire elder. He had three children, triplets actually. Avon, Arwen, and Alton. He loved them all and had thought that he could hide them and his wife from the world, it turned out that Grias had sent his army after him. . . .and they had killed his daughter alton. Rex vowed to destroy all of empire if it had costed him, even his life. He traveles with his wife and kids now, hopeing by keeping them near, that he could better be protected

He has spent many yeares perfecting his ability and has created the golemn joint fusion technique though he cant fuse with them, he can fuse his golemns together into one whole being

Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Vendumane
Golems Gender: Female
Golem Likes: joining Rexus on his hunts…she also likes Volcanoes.
Golem Dislikes: water and those who wish Rexus harm.
Golem's Personality: Perhaps cautious would be the right word…she would always warn Rexus before he jumped into anything.
Golem's Appearance: A fiery Red and orange phoenix that can ship shape her size into a giant or an insect.

Golem Name: Orgunish
Golems Gender: Male

Golem Likes:
The call of the storm, the heat of the battle
Golem Dislikes:
Gets itchy feet when theres nothing going on
Golem's Personality:
Orgunish represents Rex's old warrior self, often trying to rush into battle with his lance and shield, he is a tempered knight
Golem's Appearance:
Orgunish is a entity shrouded in heavy blue armor, he stands ten feet high and carries a large lance and shield. Blue orbs can be seen through the slits of his helmit and unlike Venduman he cannot stay outside of rex's inner soul for long periods of time

Golemn Fusion creates a golemn synthesis creature.

[[NOTE: The creature below is only summoned for the sheer purpose of battling as is not meant to stay out, longer then the fight itself, it costs rex a considerable amount of concentration to hold the link of his golemns together, if seperated unwillingly it can cause rex to lose his mind, soul or his life]]
Golem Name: Groltish
Golem Gender Unknown
Golem Likes Unknown
Golem Dislikes UNKNOWN
Golem Personality Refers to themselves as we and this one. It does not know what gender he is but knows that it has a purpose
Golemn Apearance Groltish is the pure synthesis, a fusion of two golemn through shear force of will and power. He is the phionex knight. They are a creature of red firey armor and eyes of dark blue. They carry a shield and long sword and rested on there back is a large set of wings.

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Mon 4 Jan - 21:12

User Name: hellbreaker777
Birth Name: Meotis Henuoi
Chosen Name: Meotis
Age: 1734
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf-Deamon
Elemental Force: Fire
Elemental Skill Level: Skilled
Profession: Warrior
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Thinking; Singing; Balance
Dislikes: Busy areas; Crowdedness; Chaos
Weapon Skills: Swords; Double Blade Staff; Double Daggers
Equipment: Vibrant steel armor, but no helmet. On his back is a broadsword and on each side is a special dagger infused with the power of fire. He always carries his double bladed staff in his right hand. Also uses alchemy.
Skills: Excellent reflexes, especially for a warrior, Sings beautifully, Master in melee combat
Personality: Friendly, but cautious. Even though he doesn’t care much for the law, he still has a sense for balance within the world.
Appearance: (Only in anthro form.)

Biography: Throughout the years, Meotis has seen the world go through chaos and back again. Over and over, it has been the same process. All the time that chaos began to engulf the world, Meotis was there, ready to fight the opposing, larger side. Evil, good, it never mattered to the male. As long as evil and good were equal, he was fine. His skills in melee started when he was only 343 years old. His mentor was an honorable deamon, teaching the wolf-anthro to fight for balance and equilibrium. Almost 1400 years later, Sero had perfected his skills with the blades, and was ready for the next cycle of chaos that was going to grow and try to take over.
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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Tue 2 Feb - 18:35

User Name: zrgal
Birth Name: Maxwell Griffon
Chosen Name: Max, or magician max
Age: 1800
Gender: Male
Race: Yuki-Maru ((A entity made out of massive amounts of energy. They attach themselves to human bodys
Elemental Force: Shadow
Elemental Skill Level: Master
Profession: Magician, ((suspected murderer))
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Likes: money, the lute, and superstition, as well as Power. He also likes to manipulate people
Dislikes: guards, templers,just about any authority figure.
Weapon Skills: dagger, longsword , polarm , and magic staff.
Equipment: black leather trouser tucked into black leather boots, a black silk shirt, underneath a black mages cloak, a necklace of fire protection.
Skills: the lute, shadow jumping, pick pocketing, magic both light and dark. Animal talking as well as minor mind control. Element Snatch
Personality: Max does not like anybody. He would rather stick a dagger under someones throat then listen to them. Max takes the iniatiative in a lot of things, and he does not take orders well. He has a very dark personality, but he is not evil. He would rather the world be in harmony with both Chaos and peace. . . to much of anything is a bad idea.


Biography: raised at the circus life was a blast. He never knew his real parents nor dud he cared.he always hanged out with the other clownees and heserved as the main actraction. Come see magician max as he disappears completely, they would always say…that was his nickname for the carnies, magician max, he liked the name. the carnies always told him that he was brought to them, as a child of a dragon, max shrugged that one off, but he would soon see what he really was…in the future that is.

<100 year recap>
Max had spent most of his life in the persuit of power and the art of shadow. This quest spun him around the world and gained him many wonderfull trinkets. His first trinket, and most painfull one, is the Shadow Kings left hand. Forged by melted souls and Shadow Metal, the Azgul as people called it would attach it'self to the nearest shadow user, cutting off the original hand in the process. The Azgul has the ability to reach into the deepest confinds of a persons soul and rip it out. This was aquired in ancient egypt.

Max also aquired the Shadows cloak. The cloak, which Max wears as a hood absorbs all of the users energy and stores it. . . most people would die from the constant draining of the robe. . . but as Max's power constantly regenerates, he is not phased by it. Once the hood is destroyed, it bestows all of it's power to the user. . . which is what Max wants to do

<The past>

In the end, Max set out into the world, collecting rare artifacts that would someday increase his power. Max gained a lot of scares on these ventures, and a lot of death he was responcible. . . but one thing that still reflects apon him to this very day, is his left hand. His left Hand was chopped clean off of his arm, in in it's place was a metal hand of dark power. Max Currently resides in new Dramoria, watching from behind the scenes and manipulating many with dark whispers.

max know watches over his former friends, suggesting things hear and there. . . but always is he never seen for long. Max is searching for Zean, and the Bear Daemon who drained his powers. . . not for revenge, but to repay his thanks to them. . . for makeing him realize his true potental, to rip the souls of warriors out of there bodys!

<The Now>

The battle with Grias left him scarrd. Haveing sacrificed his own Golemn to seal away Grias's god power, he now finds himself in the need of assistance. It has shown light on his mind and has left max both confussed and appreciative. He is still powerfull, but most of his magics now require that he have a energy source to tap into. His relics are burned now, destroyed though where there power has gone will remain a mystory

Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Shira
Golems Gender: female
Golem Likes: money, anything shiney, max's best interest
Golem Dislikes: fake copper, and the law
Golem's Personality: Obeidant and quite, listens to everything max says, she is afraid of what he is becoming and fears that he is becoming to powerfull
Golem's Appearance: a black wolf with yellow eyes

~~Finding a blast in the beauty of life!  Art is property of Amanda Payne.~~

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Fri 9 Apr - 13:52

User Name: Zrgal
Birth Name: Avan dumonga revask
Chosen Name: Avan
Age: Teen in his eyears
Gender: Male
Race: Demi-Human cat
Elemental Force: Lightning
Elemental Skill Level:apprentice
Profession: Peasant
Alignment: Lightning
Likes: screwing around, trickery, good old fun both good and bad
Dislikes: Punishment, no, standing still and doing nothing
Weapon Skills: duel sabers and daggers
Equipment: light white stained leather tunic and jerkin
Skills: His weopons, parkore. Inventng weird things
Personality: energetic and always moveing. Avon is like his element, a bundle of energetic energy ready to explode at a given moment. He can often be seen, working on one of his gadgets, ussualy up to no good.


Biography: Avon was born under his loveing parants rexus and gayle. He has known them for all of his life and has moved with them constantly. He had learned sword fighting and his element from his father, though a bit distracted. He feels the closest with his mother, finding comfort in her, more then his father, she was the one who first discovered that avon actually had his golemn out all along, though avon never realised till he saw it face first
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Titan
Golems Gender: Male
Golem Likes: Chases, phasing through things. Pranks that aid avon
Golem Dislikes:Mostly, being fouled
Golem's Personality: Energetic and bubbly, often the perfect combination with avon
Golem's Appearance: A apperation of pure electricty. He appears as a spectre or ghost like figure made of lightning

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Wed 16 Jun - 1:13

Birth Name: Rosoideae Risinia
Chosen Name: Risinia or Risi
Age: 7680 years (1 year= 2 years. first 22 years on earth, then went to the Nexus and let herself age. She looks about 23)
Gender: Female
Race: Flora Demon (read below to learn a bit about flora demons)
Elemental Force:Earth (natural), Darkness(natural), Air (Natural), Fire (Learned), water-non existant. only seen in her familiar
Profession: Rogue
Alignment: Neutral-Chaotic
Likes: Flying, nurturing her tree, making deals
Dislikes: When a deal turns sour, water, the smell of old death
Weapon Skills: Any physical weapon. She has had hundreds of years of practice by now. Her main weapon though is a sword she calls Valagos.

Skills: Unknown.
Personality:Cynical. Cold. Holds grudges. Very blunt.
Appearance: Except Red fur, black wings
Biography: Unknown. Will post later.
Familiar Name: Val
Familiar Gender: Male
Familiar Likes: Risi. Food.
Familiar Dislikes: Guardians
Familiar's Personality: Unknown for now. He never lets anyone know besides Risi
Familiar's Appearance:
Mini form:

Earth form:

Air form:

Fire form (is very unstable):

Shadow form:

Water form (true form):

Daemon form:

Familiar's Biography: Val was created by Risi's tree when she came back from the Nexus. Little does Risi know, but the soul that's inside of the strange creature is none other than the Daemon Val who gave his life for the tree. Knowing that Risi was going to be fighting things alone, the tree used some of it's lifeforce to create Val and his five forms. Depending on his form, Risi can use that side of her elements, except if he is in water form, which is the one form that she can not use any element with. In this form, she is unable to use any power whatsoever.

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Mon 20 Sep - 1:07

User Name: Crystal Kitten
Birth Name: Gayle Faline
Chosen Name: Gayle
Age: 1200 (1 year every 50 years)
Gender: female
Race: Demi-human black cat
Elemental Force: none that she is aware of
Elemental Skill Level:
Profession: Peasant
Alignment: Netural
Likes: being around most animals and cooking, and mini harp (sorry forgot the acual name of that)
Dislikes: fighting, large crowds and persons with large egos
Weapon Skills: archery (only use when needed though)
Equipment: brown peasant dress, deep purple cloak (when she's in town or it's cold out), a medium sized basket, and a white quiver and short bow.
Skills: cooking, cleaning, some medical, and can play the harp a little
Personality: geneally mild tempered and somewhat timid expecally around males, is also fiesty and outa line at times.
Appearance: black ears and tail, fair skin, dark red and white hair
Biography: Her daemon mother raised her alone after her human father took off with a human female. Despite being half human herself, she could almost care less for them. She was told fighting was bad, and should only be done if absolutely needed to.
Lately her mother has become ill and she has been doing her best to take care of her. And taking care of their home, that is in a clearing deep in a forest area. Any time she goes into town, she makes sure to wear her favorite hooded cloak. Many in the town didn't mind what she was, but there where few the had been mean by throwing rocks and stuff at her years ago, and so she began to wear the cloak so no one would notice.

~now days~
Her mother having pasted away on the day the stranger came now she knows as Rexus and was to leave. They stayed and lived there taking care of the home and land around, as well as each other. Gayle sees Rexus more as a younger brother and nothing more than that. She spends her days doing what is needed in the home, and going to town together feeling a change soon is to come. And wonders what else is out there, but yet having told him this urge to leave and travel.

~2000 yrs later~
She had escape with others when everything had started happening with Daemaria. She helped where she could, but also watched with panic not seeing Rexus or his friends escape. Her heart heavy not knowing what happened, but heard that Rex was alive she went in search of him. Doing what ever she had to, to keep up with the changes. As well as hiding most of the time from soldiers and only fighting if absolutly needed. Finally after so long finding him, and coming to terms with her feelings that had grown, she no longer seen him like a brother but something more closer. Marring a lil over a hundred years after Daemaria disapeared, and oddly having twins, now around the age of 12, one showing traits of fox and the other traits of black cat.

Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name:
Golems Gender:
Golem Likes:
Golem Dislikes:
Golem's Personality:
Golem's Appearance:

Moonrose-Magick = playstation network

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PostSubject: Ave   Wed 11 May - 22:11

User Name: Ave
Birth Name: Ave
Chosen Name: Ave
Age: 1000
Gender: Male
Race: Husky/Snow Leopard Hybrid
Elemental Force: Light
Elemental Skill Level: Skilled
Profession: Slave/Punching Bag
Alignment: Good
Likes: Helping others, Making people laugh, boys, and limes
Dislikes: Cruelty, Grias and the Tribe, Laundry
Weapon Skills: none
Equipment: Slave attire, Dirty old rags that are hanging on by a thread. Golem provides an invisible force field which gives off a faint light when struck, only effective against blunt damage, elements and blades easily penetrate.
Skills: taking a hit
Personality: Kind, funny, sarcastic
Appearance: A Skinny Black and White husky with cat like features, shortened snout, larger eyes, and longer tail.
Biography: Born into slavery and abused his entire life he often dreams of one day escaping, to find a family who will love and accept him for what he is
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name:
Golems Gender: Male
Golem Likes: (What your golem likes)
Golem Dislikes: (What your golem Dislikes)
Golem's Personality: Whitty, sarcastic, protective
Golem's Appearance: Appearance is unknown as he has yet to take a physical form and only resides in Ave as a voice and a friend.
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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Sun 22 May - 13:09

User Name: Crystal Kitten
Birth Name: Jaqulena McCabe
Chosen Name: Lena
Age: 2000 (1=100) looks bout in her twenties
Gender: female (of course ;p )
Race: fox Daemarian
Elemental Force: Air
Elemental Skill Level: Basic
Profession: Peasant
Alignment: Netural
Likes: cooking to a point, gardening, children, male foxes, stubborn males and a good storm
Dislikes: a messy place, pushed into anything she dont want to, and stubborn males
Weapon Skills: can handle a staff pretty well, or spear.
Equipment: silver females warrior garm if she can get away with it. other than that is usually a lavendar and brown peasant dress. and usually keeps a light weight but strong wooden staff handy.
Skills: at gardening and hitting ones on the head or back with her staff.
Personality: sarcastic at times, likes being playful, truthful.
Appearance: her fur is mostly light redish in color, with silver and white also, making her slightly unusual one would say. her ears redish and her tail the same with a white tip. silver in color pulled back into two ponytail at the back of her head with long bangs to the sides.
Biography: She was raised as any typical daemarian child, the visits to the temple and playing with the other children in the town. she tried to be a good daughter to Issah and Ester Mc Cabe(mom helped with them names hehe). although as she got older became a bit more sarcastic and a bit reblous as any would. she'd often get in trouble for wandering to close to the veil, but she was curious of rumors she heard bout things out there beyond the town. which she happened to be around there at the time of the bright light, and somehow but not sure exactly had managed to get out and had woken up not far from the big creator where her home was. all she could do is run to and find a cave to hide in and cry for days and thought of her parents.

Having managed to stay hidden while silently watching thing unfold from the cave where she had somewhat set up her home, she wasnt sure what to do or whom to trust. but had found her way to a place called new daemaria, as she talked with some of the others. she settled there as a seemtress, until everything started again. And was taken prisner along with most of the females and children of the town.

~2000 later~
After being taken prisner, she was enslaved and passed male to male for awhile. She faught for a long time with each, only to start thinking that if she complied she could make her escape. About 1500 years after being prisoned, she was able to escape. Living in a village not far from the empire, and training to help in way she could. She took up working in the tavern as a waitress/server, to make a little money. She also learned to summon her Golem while being captive, was bout the only secret thing she could do.

Elemental Masters Only:
Golem Name: Aiden
Golems Gender: male
Golem Likes: To protect his friend Jaqulina, taking off and riding the wind currents, and making Jaqulina happy.
Golem Dislikes: Any who try or hurt Jaqulina, cockyness, most any other males around her.
Golem's Personality: Fun, proud, protective.
Golem's Appearance: A white pegasus, with hints of silver here and there.

Jaqulena by GayleFaline, on Flickr

Enslaved Jaqulina by GayleFaline, on Flickr

Aiden by GayleFaline, on Flickr

Moonrose-Magick = playstation network

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Sat 2 Jul - 5:56

User Name: lunar foxfire
Birth Name: lunar foxfire
Chosen Name: Alaster Faust
Age: 1674
Gender: male
Race: Daemon/White Fox
Elemental Force: Air
Elemental Skill Level: Master
Profession: Temple shaman
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: hot food and alone time
Dislikes: being spied on
Weapon Skills: War fans, daggers, sais
Equipment: Shaman Robes, Japanese armor
Skills: He has mastered the element of air his golem he how mastered to a great degree but not completely yet.
Personality: He thinks that daemons have a balanced relationship with the human race. Daemons that try to be gods is a disgrace to him.
Appearance: Lunar is a large white fox with ice blue eyes.
Biography: Was born into a not so noble family. Lunar sees air as the most powerful element for it is everywhere and never sort in supply of it.
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: Baelki
Golems Gender: Male
Golem Likes: Sneeking around
Golem Dislikes: people who talk to much.
Golem's Personality: Great scout for anything.
Golem's Appearance: Either a wisp of foggy mist or a wispy fox
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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Thu 8 Mar - 20:57

User Name: ErisedDeSang
Birth Name: Erised DeSang
Chosen Name: Eris or Erised
Age: 2100 (Deamons age 1 year every 100 years)
Gender: Female
Race: feline
Elemental Force: Earth
Elemental Skill Level: (Basic, Skilled, Master In training, or Mastered)
Profession: Rogue
Alignment: Netural
Likes: gathering herbs, reading, nature, strong men, snuggling, being warm, chocolate and wine
Dislikes: Celery, radishes, show offs and people who put others down
Weapon Skills: has daggers and a bow but prefers to not use them
Equipment: various medicinal potions, daggers, quiver with arrows and bow
Skills: strong suit is healing and caring for the ill and wounded
Personality: smart-mouthed, witty, guarded at first
Appearance: tan feline with darker tan stripes and black at the paws, ears and tail
Biography: The village I came from was raided when I was young, about eight years of age. Most of my family, neighbors and friends were captured and slaughtered or sold into slavery. A very few of us managed to escape. My mother hid my brother, Fenris, and I under the floor boards as the marauders came into our cottage. With her eyes she pleaded with us to remain hidden and silent. We watched in horror as our parents were drug from our home. Fenris slipped his hand over my mouth and I cried silent tears til he decided it was safe for us to emerge. We gathered what we could and fled the village with the few others who were as scared as we were.
We traveled town to town, searching...for what I don't know, was too young to care really but for years I lived with the fantasy that one day we would be reunited with our parents. Such are the dreams of fools and young children. Fenris joined with an army about a year ago and it has been several months since I have heard from him. He was all I had in this world and I fear he has been taken from me as well.
Im a bit of a loaner, tending to not get involved in others conflicts unless I see an outright injustice. I will not stand idly by and let someone take advantage of another cause they are bigger or more menacing and am not afraid to fight for what I believe in. I don't trust very many people due to my past, but am extremely loyal to those I chose to let my guard down with. I will admit when I am wrong, but sometimes it takes a little convincing....
Elemental Masters Only
Golem Name: (Mastered Only)
Golems Gender: (Male, Female, Asexual, It? O.o)
Golem Likes: (What your golem likes)
Golem Dislikes: (What your golem Dislikes)
Golem's Personality: (What your Golems Personality is like)
Golem's Appearance: (What your Golem looks like)

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   Mon 26 Mar - 15:19

User Name: CrystalKitten
Birth Name: Arwen Mateal Revask
Chosen Nickname: Ari
Age: (looks 12)
Gender: Female
Parents: Rexus and Gayle Revask
Race: Mostly human with triats of fox
Elemental Force: wind
Elemental Skill Level: In training
Profession: Helping her parents and being a kid.
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Dodging practice with her father, her family, hearing stories of the legends, and her mother playing her mini harp.
Dislikes: Getting in trouble from dodging practice, fighting, and the empire.
Weapon Skils: Alright with archary, but favors the cain/staff.
Personallity: She can be quiet and shy like her mother, but quite playfull as well. Trying to pull pranks on someone, mostly close friends and family.
Appearance: Dark bown in color, occasionally seeing highlights of red in the pure sunlight, being pulled up into a pony tail.. Wearing a peasant dress with earh tones in it. Her fox tail usually is hidden beneath her dress.
Biography: Arwen and her twin, where born in a time of change. But to loving and caring parents, who teach them all they can. As well as be on the watch for soldiers. Hearing stories of great warriors that their father knew and faught beside, and how usually between wars there was peaceful times. Hoping that her parents could see those days again. As she aged, she was being trained to use her elemental ability and to work with her Golem. An odd turn having a Golem early, but she did have a hard time controlling and working with it.

Golem Name: Spirit
Golem Gender: female
Golem Likes: Giving Arwen a hard time to help her learn, Soring through the sky.
Golem Dislikes: Arwen acts bratty(bad sense of that), fighting and wars.
Golem Personallity: Stubborn, playful, and can be caring when Arwen don't rile her feathers.
Golem Appearance: A white with some grey gryphon, was quite small when she first appeared but is now large when she takes her form.

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PostSubject: Re: ///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles   

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///City of Gods/// --- Character Profiles
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