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 Elemental Game Rules (Must read first)

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PostSubject: Elemental Game Rules (Must read first)   Fri 29 Jan - 4:59


No God Modding. Yes there are gods in this RP but guess what. They are not all powerful. Neither are you. So if I see it, or hear of it, you will be given ONE warning. If you don't listen you WILL be kicked out of the RP.

Obey the forums rules. If you need me to spell them all out then you are a moron and need to gtfo of my RP. I'm too tired to repeat things that you should already know by now.

All characters MUST have their life's story posted in one of the three Earth topics, depending on what year they were born in, and years they were raised in. This MUST be at least SIX PARAGRAPHS long. This is their WHOLE life story, from birth and till the exact moment they are taken from Earth. Anything you do not put in this story can not be 'added' later on. No "background is unknown" shit, and no "oh she almost died when she was ___ so she's scared of _____ so you cant do that." IF it was not in the storyline, it did not happen. The story can either be in first person view or third person view, not both, and not WTF view.

You must also do the same in the Temple of the eggs for your beast's life story. When your human character picks an egg from the shelf, it does not have the young beast inside of it. The spirit beasts have been out of their eggs for the same 19 years that you have, growing within the temples infinite space and terrains. The eggs that are on the shelves are just what was pieced together from the one the beast came out of and a shard of one of the elemental crystals has been placed inside. When Your human character comes into the temple they break the egg that they picked, take the shard, and feed it to their beast to bond with him or her. After that the two are sent to Alagaios, never to return.

More May or may not be added in following updates.
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Elemental Game Rules (Must read first)
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