Ye Shall Be As Gods
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PostSubject: Story Information:   Tue 16 Feb - 3:10

In the days of Kings and Queens, and science and magic was thought to be witchcraft and the work of wizards, and dragons were thought of as beasts and demons, there existed a race of humans known as the Ancients. They were known by other names as the Drackori or the Nagali. Unlike other humans, pure blood Ancients were born with the sacred mark of the gods often on there arm, but sometimes on there hands, or other locations. It was a mark that resemble three dragons, and the sacred dagger also known in Ancient legends as the Crystal Dagger. Ancients had a ability to understand and perceive the voice of dragons. Up close what sounds like growls or grunts or other odd vocal noises of dragons, is understood perfectly to Ancients, and if they were a mile or so away, they would still be able to perceive the voice of dragons through a short distance Telepathy. This is dragon speech that only Ancients are capable of understanding naturally. However there are unnatural ways of perceiving the voice of the dragons.

In these days, Dragons are near extinct, Ancients are slain, in hiding, or they are sub-ancient (Ancients who are only half ancient and half human or even demi-human) do not have the mark but still may inherit the ability of dragon speech.

There is another race of humans who were once normal humans, but they pledged there allegiance to a Fallen Ancient god known as Pamadora, the Fallen Griffin god sealed away for all eternity in the Realm of eternal Darkness. However there prayers are still heard and there power is still given by the god him self. The god is able to posses the body of his servants for a short period but his power is limited but enough to grant those he favors his power. All humans who give there allegiance to the griffin god are granted the power to control mindless beasts known as the Vigerage. Vigerage resemble dragons, but unlike dragons, they are amphibious, there skin is always black, and there eyes go into there heads. They are also very Poisonous creatures, there poison Burns from the inside in, boiling the blood and then death. These people with this power are known as Sayons, the legion of Dragon Slayers.

Rei, a young man who is Pure Blood Ancient and welds his family sword, hides his heritage but seeks out something called the Shards of the Dragon Blade. He hope to reforge this sacred blade to pursue a man going by the name of Vergil. Virgil is Ancient as well, but his desires are as bad as the Sayons if not worse.

Soon the fate will bring Rei and group of soon to be heroes on a quest that may defy the gods and reveal of conspiring truth.

The Legend of Ancients........ Starts Now!
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Story Information:
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